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Instrumentality in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-03-20Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: musical instrumentinstrumentmentalityinstallment paymentfundamentalisminstallment buyinginstructinstructorMeaning: [‚ɪnstrəmen'tælətɪ]  n. 1. a subsidiary organ of government created for a special purpose 2. the quality of being instrumental for some purpose 3. an artifact (or system of artifacts) that is instrumental in accomplishing some end. 
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1. Feminism exists outside the realm of political instrumentality, as an idea.
2. The particular blend of instrumentality and expressiveness for given individuals is a matter for empirical investigation.
3. One that serves as a means; an instrumentality.
4. Plasma technology is an abnormal instrumentality for chemical engineering and brings new vital force.
5. Through the instrumentality of the police he was able to locate his relatives.
6. Of things: The material cause or instrumentality whereby effects are produced; but implying a rational employer or contriver.
7. The Export - Import Bank is an instrumentality of the government.
8. As an important instrumentality, science education should occupy the spirit.
9. The teaching material is the instrumentality of bearing the weight ofthe teaching contents.
10. The key points, thermodynamics balance and adjustment instrumentality are used to solve the water power unbalance.
11. It has the considerable characters of technology and instrumentality besides common characters of works.
12. Without the instrumentality of a free press liberty could not be preserved.
13. Publicity and instrumentality are both the attributes of public administration power.
14. Speech analysis has two kinds of operating forms, while the analysis of speech instrumentality state may be inverted into the analysis of speech reciprocal state.
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15. "Person" means any natural person, company, firm, body corporate of unincorporated association or body, including any Government or governmental or statutory instrumentality or port authority.
16. Shen Congwen advocated serious societal objective and individual aim for art and this purposefulness about art was the manifestation of his instrumentality rationale of art.
17. He was able to locate his relatives through the instrumentality of the police.
18. If the administrative power deviates from this target, it must be remedied through the instrumentality of litigation included.
19. He was brought to a knowledge of the gospel through the instrumentality of Paul (19), and held a prominent place in the Christian community for his piety and beneficence (4-7).
20. The edifice of legitimations is built upon languages and uses languages as its principle instrumentality.
21. The object of our study, then, is prediction, the prediction of the incidence of the public force through the instrumentality of the courts.
22. From Chinese literati painting to Japanese Yamato-e, from romanticism to Dadaism, different forms of art serve as the instrumentality to educate the public.
23. PAM synthesized under the optimal reaction condition was examined by the instrumentality of the molecular, water-solubility, FT-IR, SEM.
24. The edifice of legitimations is built upon language and uses language as its principal instrumentality.
25. The edifice of legitimations is built upon language as its principal instrumentality.
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