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Presentiment in a sentence

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Synonym: bodingforebodingpremonitionSimilar words: sentimentalsentimentresentmentpresentrepresentpresentedpresentlyat presentMeaning: [prɪ'zentɪmənt]  n. a feeling of evil to come. 
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1. I had a presentiment that he represented a danger to me.
2. He had a presentiment of disaster.
3. I was filled with a presentiment of disaster.
4. She had had a presentiment of what might lie ahead.
5. I didn't exactly have a presentiment - certainly not of anything like this happening.
6. I have an intractable presentiment that I will soon start seeing them in Tod's dream.
7. Heavy with presentiment, I turned around and walked back to my office.
8. Already I have a presentiment that it won't.
9. I had a presentiment that she would come soon.
10. I have a presentiment that something bad will happen.
11. Her presentiment was proved by the next happening things.
12. She often has an ominous presentiment.
13. An inspired guess or presentiment.
14. Without knowing why - it was presentiment,( perhaps - Passepartout became vaguely uneasy.
15. Soapy followed the man with a presentiment that luck would again run against him.
16. The lawyer had a presentiment that the judge would dismiss the case against her client.
17. I have neither a fear, nor a presentiment, nor a hope of death.
18. The second , research the acting means of presentiment system, this part is consist of spy and patrol signal fire transferring and recovery per se.
19. Ecological responsibility, civilized critique, ecological ideality and ecological presentiment are prominent character of Ecological Literature.
20. I have a propitious presentiment that we will have a wonderful beginning.
21. I have a presentiment that I am doomed to make way for Fanny Glover.
22. The lawyer had a presentiment that the judge would dismiss the case.
23. I understood that you had had some sort of presentiment of disaster.
24. He had recourse to every superstition of sortilege, clairvoyance, presentiment[], and dreams.
25. A feeling or an intuition of what is going to occur ; a presentiment.
26. They are hastening back to their warm wooden dovecote earlier than usual perhaps because they have mistaken the bleak leaden sky for nightfall or because of their presentiment of a storm.
27. It describes the basic way of antidumping evadable accounting and the presentiment foundation of index system.
More similar words: sentimentalsentimentresentmentpresentrepresentpresentedpresentlyat presentfor the presentomnipresentpresentationrepresentationrepresentativemisrepresentationresentfulproportional representationsententiouslypresidentialenticementpresencein the presence ofraimentessentialpedimentregimentessentiallydissentingexperimentcomplimentcondiment
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