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Sediment in a sentence

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Synonym: depositSimilar words: pedimentimpedimentimpedimentacondimentembodimentrudimentarydimensiondimensionsMeaning: ['sedɪmənt]  n. matter that has been deposited by some natural process. v. 1. deposit as a sediment 2. settle as sediment. 
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1. The sediment settled and the water was clear.
2. There was a brown sediment in the bottom of the bottle.
3. Or, what were the source rocks of a sediment?
4. Sediment also clogs the gills of fishes.
5. A filled-in marsh is a sluice for sediment.
6. A large load of river sediment. 2.
7. Cold and shaken from the journey, thick with sediment and drunk from a plastic beaker, it tasted like medicine.
8. In consequence the use of sedimentation columns or tubes to determine the fall velocities of sediment particles has become very popular.
9. In tracing characteristic source-specific sub-populations of sediment passing through a river system the closest possible spacing of sieves may be required.
10. Over millions of years, large amounts of sediment have been transported through this area from the Himalayas to the Arabian sea.
11. The slimy floor of shifting sediment is useless to young oysters in search of a hard sea bed for a lifetime's home.
12. Furthermore, simple measurements of sediment at a point represent only the net result of all the processes going on upstream.
13. This suggests that the subducted sediment somehow survived as a chemically and physically distinct region large enough to avoid obliteration by diffusion.
14. Coring equipment would drill into lithified sediment to a depth of between 200 and 800 metres.
15. Many organisms that die in the sea are soon buried by sediment.
16. With construction of the dam, the loss of nutrient rich sediment led to the collapse of sardine fishing in the delta.
17. The reactive tannins precipitate with the protein, and the improved wine can then be separated from the sediment.
18. In addition to studies using the modal composition of a sediment, other provenance determinations can be made from individual quartz grains.
19. But beneath the oceans the layer of crust has only recently been formed by the mid-ocean ridge and then dusted with sediment.
20. From them they had taken samples of mud and sediment under the ledges, for the bacteria.
21. A major tsunami will deposit broken trees near the high-water mark and move prodigious amounts of sediment.
22. Sandbanks and coastal marshes are now clear, as are the variations in the sediment load of the estuarine waters.
22. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
23. Eventually the scarp will retreat from the original position of faulting and it may be buried by sediment.
24. On each landing, a small rectangular settling tank was provided as a sediment trap.
25. As well as contributing to declining soil fertility, such high sediment removal are causing problems with water supply by increasing reservoir siltation rates.
26. From these observations, Hofmann and I proposed that plumes consist in part of deeply subducted oceanic crust and sediment.
27. This chapter attempts to portray fabrics which may develop within any sediment, independent of mineralogy.
28. We are able to sample a few of the tubes by vacuuming the sediment.
29. High levels of cadmium, lead and chromium were also found in sediment in the Dogger Bank.
30. Ideally the frequency curve should be formed from the most detailed possible size analysis of the sediment.
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