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Graft in a sentence

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Synonym: briberycorruptionjointransplantSimilar words: craftdraftcraftyredraftaircraftwarcraftwitchcraftcraftsmanshipMeaning: [græft /grɑːft]  n. 1. (surgery) tissue or organ transplanted from a donor to a recipient; in some cases the patient can be both donor and recipient 2. the practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage 3. the act of grafting something onto something else. v. 1. cause to grow together parts from different plants 2. place the organ of a donor into the body of a recipient. 
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1. Some government officials connive at graft.
2. A healthy shoot should form a strong graft.
3. Doctors are hoping to do a bone graft to repair the damaged bone.
4. I am having a skin graft on my arm soon.
5. He has had a skin graft on his badly burned arm.
6. His career has been one of hard graft.
7. The skin graft failed to take.
8. I've never been afraid of hard graft.
9. He promised to end graft in public life.
10. Graft has begrimed the government's politics.
11. They had put in hours of hard graft.
12. Our success has been due to sheer hard graft .
13. Hard graft is the only way to succeed in business.
14. He promised an end to graft and corruption in public life.
15. The management tried unsuccessfully to graft new working methods onto the existing ways of doing things.
16. Most of the graft was done for them by their assistants.
17. The whole government was riddled with graft, bribery,( and corruption.
18. If the skin graft takes, then surgeons will do another operation a few weeks later.
19. The Japanese tried to graft their own methods on to this different structure.
20. She's also had a major skin graft.
21. Schellenberg could see where the skin graft stretched tightly.
22. Murders, theft, rape, calumnies, graft - our daily bread.
23. The other chap had a skin graft.
24. A mere £8,000, plus two months of hard graft.
25. It's hard graft getting it out of her.
26. After a skin graft on his leg, the patient is now fully recovered, he said.
27. Starting a new business involves a lot of hard graft.
28. Their success was the result of years of hard graft .
29. To prevent certain paralysis they needed to perform a series of operations to graft a spinal vertebra.
30. He became increasingly more repressive, despite his pronouncements about creating a new society[], free of corruption and graft.
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