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Well-mannered in a sentence

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Antonym: ill-manneredSimilar words: mannerin a manner of speakingmannedplannerchannelwelldwellswellMeaning: adj. 1. of good upbringing 2. socially correct in behavior. 
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1. He is the most well-mannered, well-behaved boy I know.
2. I noticed how well-mannered her children were.
3. The other visitors were too well-mannered to complain.
4. He was the old-fashioned type, well-mannered and always in a suit and tie.
5. Julio is a clean-cut, well-mannered 15-year-old boy.
6. You seem to be a well-mannered fellow.
7. He enjoyed well-mannered, good-looking, and well-to-do undergraduates.
8. He is well-dressed, superficially well-mannered, but reminds me of a flirtatious married host at a barbecue.
9. The children were good little things, well-mannered, and beautifully dressed.
10. She followed quietly, a well-mannered guest, as they crossed the crowded length of the morning room.
11. Henry was a typical Oxford man - well-mannered, easy-going,( ) and very sure of himself.
12. Builders – calm, well-mannered, loyal and cautious.
13. Everyone should be well-mannered at all times.
14. He was well-mannered and rather shy, schooled in respect by his Irish mother and reinforced in fatalism by his fervent Catholic faith.
15. The well-mannered Libra brings refinement and charm to an equally sophisticated eating establishment. Five-star dining in the best restaurant around is right in style with your tastes.
16. The this kind good friend is first well-mannered , then again immediately after be:Baby how are you.
17. The well-mannered Libra brings refinement and charm to an equally sophisticated eating establishment.
18. She was immaculate, well-mannered, sensitive, intelligent, and kind to strangers.
19. Ruling over these penniless black workpeople was a society of cultivated, well-mannered whites, a powerful colonial aristocracy.
20. What on earth had Hugh Puddephat done to provoke such passionate hatred in this well-mannered woman?
21. Parke doesn't deny it, noting a shift from protesting outside bases towards well-mannered lobbying in the corridors of power.
22. So, if you cloned Donald or Newt, you might get a perfectly well-mannered person.
23. But people all over the world agree that being well-mannered really means being kind and helping others, especially those older or weaker than ourselves.
24. All I can do is hope that when that day comes he will have grown into a confident and well-mannered young man who can proudly say: "That's my mum."
25. During the demonstration and after police warned the protesters they were breaking the law, they became almost comically well-mannered.
26. She is a church-going woman and has two of the most well-mannered children I have ever met.
27. Michael Bay was proud of the fact that he could make the normally well-mannered Spielberg swear.
28. Here are some examples of the things that a well-mannered person does or does not do.
29. If I were you, I'd dress up and be well-mannered.
30. Although kids will be kids and every class has the shining stars and a few bad apples, the students I taught were courteous and well-mannered and respectful.
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