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Well-to-do in a sentence

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Sentence count:45Posted:2016-11-08Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: comfortableeasyprosperouswell-fixedwell-heeledwell-offwell-situatedSimilar words: all toohave to do withfall toall togetherwelldwellswellas wellMeaning: adj. in fortunate circumstances financially; moderately rich. 
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1. They wore the standard uniform of the well-to-do American out of office hours.
2. Only the well-to-do can afford these houses.
3. John came from a well-to-do family.
4. In contrast, the lives of girls in well-to-do families were often very sheltered.
5. He enjoyed well-mannered, good-looking, and well-to-do undergraduates.
6. Fedorov must be at least well-to-do, probably rich.
7. A lot of our well-to-do customers liked it blue.
8. Although she was from a well-to-do family and could have led a very comfortable life, Judith had chosen otherwise.
9. He would spend all his time with well-to-do society people, though he hadn't got their sort of money.
10. Its coffee shop attracted the well-to-do, or those who just wanted to be seen there.
11. The children of well-to-do parents do much better than the children of poorer parents -- just as they do here.
11. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
12. Educational facilities are best in the more well-to-do residential areas.
13. San Giovanni seems to have been the well-to-do area, as one would expect, since it included the cathedral.
14. She was, however, also well-to-do, so she compromised by sitting in the open box next to the screened harem ones.
15. He wants to find a husband from a well-to-do background for his daughter.
16. The less well-to-do may encourage early marriage and give priority to settling down to stable family life.
17. This was especially the case among the well-to-do, who had ample space for guests and the means to travel.
18. The Westons were now well-to-do, and there was no necessity for work, either of a lawful or unlawful kind.
19. Although her father was a well-to-do market trader, his wealth was modest by comparison with that of the new jet-set.
20. He was born of fairly well-to-do parents.
21. Born in 1882, Roosevelt came from an old-established and well-to-do landowning family of upstate New York.
22. Surprisingly[], police statistics show that many of these thefts were carried out by people from well-to-do families.
23. Gradually, County General was shunned by both the middle. class and the well-to-do.
24. Sewing, shopping, and beautifying themselves were the only activities that gave well-to-do women any outlet for personal expression.
25. I remember one in particular prepared by a graduate student who came from a well-to-do family.
26. Forty-six when he posed for an unknown painter, Shakespeare looks well-to-do, somewhat dashing, and, in modern fashion, his wrinkles may have had a bit of air-brushing.
27. Almost all whites in South Africa live behind gates, as do well-to-do blacks.
28. It would take several generations' effort to deliver a well-to-do life to the 1.3 billion Chinese people.
29. China has entered a new stage of development in which it is building a well-to-do society across the country and speeding up the socialist modernization drive.
30. To understand and implement such guidelines necessitates aiming at theory-based practice and efforts to achieve the goal of building a well-to-do society.
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