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Vitriolic in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-02-14Updated:2017-02-14
Synonym: acerbacerbicacidacridbitterblisteringcausticcorrosiveerosivemordantsulfuroussulphurousvenomousvirulentSimilar words: public policyin vitroviolinfrolicpolicepolicybucolicsolicitMeaning: [‚vɪtrɪ'ɑlɪk /-'ɒl-]  adj. 1. harsh or corrosive in tone 2. of a substance, especially a strong acid; capable of destroying or eating away by chemical action. 
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1. The newspaper launched a vitriolic attack on the president.
2. We deplore the vitriolic nature of his remarks.
3. He launched a vitriolic attack on the prime minister, accusing him of shielding corrupt friends.
4. There was a vicious and vitriolic attack on him in one of the Sunday newspapers two weeks ago.
5. Where does this vitriolic woman get her information from?
6. Similarly excessive were de Gaulle's vitriolic attacks on the politicians.
7. Some because he has become the most vitriolic hunter advocate in the nation.
8. You must also listen closely for the vitriolic jewels that emerge from behind the gold-capped smiles.
9. There is an evident parallel between Brooke-Rose's vitriolic attack on this social system and her disenchantment with the realist novel.
10. All the earlier euphoria was dissolved by the vitriolic animosity which surged between them.
11. There was even a second letter - more vitriolic than the first - and the date she meant to send it.
12. She attacked him in a vitriolic seven-page letter to the newspaper.
13. Cope's own sleevenotes have also caused outrage, containing vitriolic attacks on Axl Rose and U2, among others.
14. Can vitriolic gentamicin use profess to convinced?
15. Method Content determination with phenol - vitriolic colorimetry.
16. Eat vitriolic and amino dextrose to you can drink?
17. OBJECTIVE : To establish phenol - vitriolic colorimetry for the assaying of polysaccharides in Torreya yunnanensis.
18. Vitriolic zinc 50 kilograms renown 5 without , in order to wait for easy mixed juice.
19. Calculate according to the experiment please the vitriolic solute quality mark in this sewage.
20. Didi, who'd been so pleasant to her face and so vitriolic behind her back.
21. The press, too, was irresponsible and factional, given to vitriolic personal attacks and political character assassination.
22. Apart from having to fight to save her home, she has had to contend with vitriolic press coverage.
23. Tens of thousands of people have been deported or displaced and radio stations blare out vitriolic propaganda against one another.
24. It is no secret that Exeter's professor of education, Ted Wragg, is one of Woodhead's most vitriolic critics.
25. One could argue that the poisonous atmosphere in rugby is a rather sad reflection of the vitriolic exchanges between politicians.
26. In its place is a new rhetoric, an incendiary rhetoric, a rhetoric of vitriolic accusation.
27. Heidi Withers was berated as graceless and unladylike in a vitriolic email from Carolyn Bourne, the stepmother of her future husband Freddie Bourne, a businessman.
28. Vitriolic impurity is contained normally in the sewage that vitriolic factory discharges.
28. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
29. That type of mercantilist thinking —that exports (trade surpluses) are good and imports (trade deficits) bad —is at the heart of today's vitriolic attacks on China.
30. Hamas's arguments against a resumption of American - brokered negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians are growing more vitriolic.
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