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Undesirable in a sentence

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Synonym: disagreeabledistastefulintolerableloathsomeobjectionableoffensiverepulsiveunacceptableunpleasantunsatisfactoryunsuitableAntonym: desirableSimilar words: desirabledesireparableadorablebearableincurablefavorablemiserableMeaning: n. one whose presence is undesirable. adj. 1. not desirable 2. not worthy of being chosen (especially as a spouse). 
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1) Inflation is considered to be undesirable because of its adverse effects on income distribution.
2) It is clearly undesirable for the issue to be ignored.
3) The drug has no undesirable side-effects.
4) Certain chemicals can induce undesirable changes in the nervous system.
5) He had been led astray by undesirable friends.
6) It would be highly undesirable to increase class sizes further.
7) They are the undesirable elements among the employees.
8) A large group of undesirable strangers crashed her party.
9) The drug may have other undesirable effects.
10) Certain estates are labelled as undesirable.
11) The merchant worked off an undesirable lot of goods.
12) Rent control laws can have a number of undesirable effects.
13) Even in situations of hardship,[] government action is undesirable because it can undermine individual initiative and independence.
14) Illiterate and undesirable are treated as synonymous.
15) Undesirable removal of lubricants may occur in machinery and hazards may arise in the use of steam lances.
16) The Service can, and has, offset certain undesirable Commission-inspired legislation with new rulings of its own.
17) Houses near industrial sites often do not sell so quickly because they are regarded as undesirable.
18) I tried to avoid the back room where the undesirable elements were gathered.
19) These so - called merits are often offset by its undesirable effects.
20) It was felt that the ageing of society was socially and economically undesirable.
21) The subject matter makes the painting a little, how shall I put it , undesirable for public display.
22) He will mention the relevant laws that fence out undesirable immigrants.
23) Commonly, both are used consistently to help replace an undesirable behaviour with acceptable behaviour.
24) Clearly, an unreflective or uncritical citizenry would be highly undesirable as well as, strictly speaking, a contradiction in terms.
25) The parents were therefore giving a reward contingent upon Joanne's production of the undesirable behaviours.
26) In spite of accounting for only 0.2 percent of a beer's cost, this is naturally felt to be wasteful and undesirable.
27) A long wait for a patient with bladder outflow obstruction for a specialist opinion is both undesirable and unacceptable.
28) We also reject the belief that knowing how to use terminology in which to speak of language is undesirable.
29) Even at this stage, he can develop new behaviour patterns, which we may consider undesirable.
30) I still remain of the view that that would be undesirable.
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