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Unconscionable in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-03-06Updated:2017-03-06
Antonym: conscionableSimilar words: unconsciousunconstitutionalconscioussubconsciousconsciouslysubconsciouslyconsciousnessstream of consciousnessMeaning: [ʌn'kɑnʃnəbl /-'kɒn-]  adj. 1. lacking a conscience 2. greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation. 
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1. You take an unconscionable time getting dressed!
2. He kept me waiting an unconscionable time.
3. The war caused an unconscionable amount of suffering.
4. It's unconscionable for the government to do anything for a man who admits to smuggling 135 tons of cocaine into the United States.
5. It would be unconscionable for her to keep the money.
6. They had both drunk an unconscionable quantity of red wine the previous night.
7. It was also necessary to show unconscionable conduct etc.
8. The defendants' conduct was not unconscionable, nor an interference with any legal or equitable right of the plaintiffs.
9. What we are doing by glomorizing smoking is unconscionable.
10. He takes an unconscionable time eating.
11. It would unconscionable to deviate from it.
12. The demands are unconscionable and impossible to meet.
13. She spends an unconscionable time in gambling.
14. People do things,[] the most important point is unconscionable not to do!
15. The man had some merit, but much unconscionable evil in him.
16. It is unconscionable to blame cheap Chinese imports for the bubble.
17. Moreover, some unconscionable human activity destroyed entironment and accelerated the abandonment process of ancient ruins.
18. Attempts to reconcile these two decisions have expanded human ingenuity and expended an unconscionable amount of time, effort and paper.
19. Yet almost every case brought by individuals against corporations requires the individual to battle these unconscionable costs and delays.
20. But this year the city is again planning an assault on that unconscionable pattern with its tree recycling program.
21. The community is not bound to provide what is in effect a subsidy for unconscionable employers.
22. He was fearless in his attacks on public figures whose actions he considered unconscionable.
23. There were also the personal matters, which, as every young person knows[], consume an unconscionable amount of time.
24. I think a "not guilty" verdict in this case would be unconscionable.
25. To empower courts to give relief in certain contracts found to be unconscionable.
26. With the development of the economics, the excessive exploitation and the unconscionable using of the resources, freewill voidance of the pollutant make the environmental problems much more serious.
27. For a family to be put through such tragedy and emotional upheaval twice unconscionable.
28. When you are being used illegitimately, so that your reputation floor, you can still withstand unconscionable humiliation.
29. Karen is well aware that the notion of sacrificing animals in a religious ritual strikes many people as unconscionable.
30. If a contract is made against public policy, it is often said unconscionable and therefore unenforceable.
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