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Subconscious in a sentence

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Synonym: subconscious mindSimilar words: subconsciouslyconsciousconsciouslyunconsciousconsciousnessconscientiousconsciencesubcontinentMeaning: [‚sʌbkɑnʃəs /-kɒn-]  n. psychic activity just below the level of awareness. adj. just below the level of consciousness. 
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1. The memory was buried deep within my subconscious.
2. Our subconscious mind tries to protect us.
3. Such memories exist only on/at the subconscious level.
4. Early experiences can implant fears in the subconscious.
5. Nail biting is often a subconscious reaction to tension.
6. Many advertisements work at a subconscious level.
7. One's conscious motives are often different from one's subconscious ones.
8. He caught her arm in a subconscious attempt to detain her.
9. Our subconscious mind registers things which our conscious mind is not aware of.
10. In our clinical age, we call it the subconscious.
11. These conflicting values waged war in my subconscious.
12. His subconscious male bias clearly shows in the report.
13. It was the subconscious mind taking over again.
14. We were here to change the subconscious.
15. And they do this on a subconscious level.
16. Her subconscious had registered and clung on to those unfortunate comments made during the course of the operation.
17. I think it is going into your subconscious and picking up a whole series of signals.
18. Our subconscious plays tricks with us sometimes and we may imagine that we are seeing things such as ghosts.
19. The subconscious having become a central concern of the age, a host of artists took the elemental self as their subject.
20. He went searching for a taxi, his subconscious mind at work.
21. Obviously my subconscious was just waiting for me to give it an
22. All this is stored in the subconscious memory and the habit continues when we grow up.
23. The memory of it all was locked deep in my subconscious.
24. Guilt made her try to bury the memory deep in her subconscious.
25. And when they inject themselves into our national dialogue, it is worth asking what they reveal about our national subconscious.
26. Reality was proving far more bizarre than anything Polly's subconscious mind had been conjuring up.
27. She was scared of what might be hiding in the shadows but she was terrified of her subconscious.
28. Visual images flashed on and off at fractions of a second to imprint themselves on the subconscious mind.
29. It was Freud who made the first extensive use of hypnosis to probe the depths of the subconscious mind.
30. Help yourself and your friends probe into the secrets of the subconscious.
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