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Sustain in a sentence

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Sentence count:164+12 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-19Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: abidebearendurekeep upmaintainstandsuffersupporttolerateSimilar words: sustainablemaintainretainobtainstaircontaincurtaincertainMeaning: [sə'steɪn]  v. 1. lengthen or extend in duration or space 2. undergo (as of injuries and illnesses) 3. provide with nourishment 4. supply with necessities and support 5. be the physical support of; carry the weight of 6. admit as valid 7. establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts. 
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1 These columns sustain the arches.
2 These four posts sustain the entire building.
3 She found it difficult to sustain the children's interest.
4 Few planets can sustain life.
5 How long will you sustain the rudeness of your boss?
6 I only had a little chocolate to sustain me on my walk.
7 Will this shelf sustain the weight of all these books?
8 The economy looks set to sustain its growth into next year.
9 The future will sustain my suspicion.
10 This relationship would be very difficult to sustain.
11 They gave me barely enough food to sustain me.
12 This argument is difficult to sustain.
13 Naivety bordering on obtuseness helped sustain his faith.
14 The ice will not sustain your weight.
15 Kangaroos can sustain high speeds over long distances.
16 His comforting words helped to sustain me in my faith during those dark days.
17 We do not have enough money to sustain our campaign for long.
18 He seems to find it difficult to sustain relationships with women.
19 The book's weakness is the author's inability to sustain an argument.
20 She managed to sustain everyone's interest until the end of her speech.
21 The evidence is not detailed enough to sustain his argument.
22 It would be futile to sustain his life when there is no chance of any improvement.
23 The soil proved too infertile to sustain real pasture or arable crops.
24 When she lost her job they could no longer sustain their expensive lifestyle.
25 The soil was so badly eroded it could no longer sustain crop production.
26 There's a sufficiency of drama in these lives to sustain your interest.
27 The cash dividends they get from the cash crop would sustain them during the lean season.
28 The soil in this part of the world is not rich enough to sustain a large population.
29 He leant against her so heavily that she could barely sustain his weight.
30 During the war we had just enough food to sustain us.
More similar words: sustainablemaintainretainobtainstaircontaincurtaincertaincaptainjust ascontainerretainingfor certainuncertaincertainlyjust aboutupstairsuncertaintycertainly notentertainmentversussuspendas usualsuspectsuspicionconsensussuspiciousjustmustadjust
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