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Umbra in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-03-24Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: umbrageadumbrateumbrellaembraceembrasureremembrancecell membraneremembrancerMeaning: ['ʌmbrə]  n. a region of complete shadow resulting from total obstruction of light. 
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1. This is a lighter area between the umbra and the edge of a shadow.
2. Even in the umbra of sunspots, the strongest region in the solar atmosphere, the magnetic field strength is only about 2000 Gauss.
3. This includes the continuous survey of umbra and penumbra of the sunspot.
4. Passing closer to the center of the umbra, the Moon's southern hemisphere (left) appears darker in this eclipse image, recorded from Deerlick Astronomy Village, Georgia, USA.
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5. Umbra - You need Samples values equal to or greater than 2 to see any influence of this button.
6. The center of the umbra is much darker than its edges, " it says.
7. Shaped like a cone extending into space, the umbra has a circular cross section that can be most easily seen during a lunar eclipse.
8. When this happens, the umbra cannot reach Earth and an antumbra shadow is created over the planet's surface.
9. Only moon umbra totally puts on earth,( the shadow area can watch the eclipse.
10. Partial Eclipse - When only part of the moon enters the Earth's umbra, this is called a partial eclipse.
11. It was found that an anormal light bridge formed in the old main spot when the two umbrae merged into one instead of the opposite case, i. e. , one umbra split into two.
12. This will only be experienced at a specific point on Earth where a shadow cast by the Moon, called an umbra, reaches our planet.
13. The first is simply how deeply the moon goes into the umbra.
14. It was unmistakable: Baker's face is surrounded by an umbra of curls that organize themselves into unpredictable spirals—not unlike the complex protein molecules he studies.
15. Whenever morning to urban open minds, looked from window to see the light and caught in a neighbourhood umbra , or the whirling green in the morning breeze.
16. During the eclipse, the best viewing in North America found the coppery lunar disc high in a cold winter sky, the Moon reddened by light filtering into the Earth's dark central shadow or umbra.
17. Total Eclipse - When the entire moon enters the Earth's umbra (the darkest part of its shadow), this is called a total eclipse.
18. Extending into space, Earth's cone-shaped shadow has two distinct parts, the lighter, outer part or penumbra, and the darker, inner shadow called the umbra.
19. During an average total lunar eclipse, the moon is within the Earth's umbra for about an hour. This is called totality.
20. "The first is simply how deeply the moon goes into the umbra. The center of the umbra is much darker than its edges," it says.
21. Explanation: The dark, inner shadow of planet Earth is called the umbra .
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