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Plumb in a sentence

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Synonym: cleanplumplumb bobplummetSimilar words: plumeplumpplumageplummetlumbernom de plumeslumberlumberingMeaning: [plʌm]  n. the metal bob of a plumb line. v. 1. measure the depth of something 2. weight with lead 3. examine thoroughly and in great depth 4. adjust with a plumb line so as to make vertical. adj. exactly vertical. adv. 1. completely; used as intensifiers 2. conforming to the direction of a plumb line 3. exactly. 
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1) She never abandoned her attempts to plumb my innermost emotions.
2) I had a friend plumb his sink.
3) She learned to wire and plumb the house herself.
4) The bullet hit him plumb between the eyes.
5) He hit me plumb on the nose.
6) I plumb forgot your birthday.
7) The whole idea sounds plumb crazy to me.
8) He was standing plumb in the middle of the road.
9) I think we can plumb the new bath into the existing pipes.
10) The external wall is out of plumb by half a metre.
11) The hotel is plumb in the middle of the town.
12) Psychologists try to plumb the deepest mysteries of the human psyche.
13) Now that she had begun,( she wanted to plumb her own childhood further.
14) They frequently plumb the depths of loneliness, humiliation and despair.
15) I'm sorry. I plumb forgot.
16) The barometer had dropped like a plumb weight.
17) Fred Plumb now pulled a masterstroke.
18) Josefina and I were plumb about to lose it.
19) Who can plumb and penetrate such a person?
20) A plumb bob is useful to check the alignment of the header with the sill.
21) The sides, or jambs, must also be straight, plumb and square with the sill.
22) Gets out there with them statues, she gets plumb crazy.
23) Trees evenly spaced, at regulation height, and all plumb vertical, must be avoided like the plague.
24) Dubus, in his essays, tries to plumb the feelings of women.
25) When you hang a door, you need to make sure that it is both level and plumb.
26) Twittering song uttered in soaring display flight, followed by butterfly-like descent with wings raised and a final plumb drop.
27) We certainly need to continue our investigations; to advance ideas; to plumb the mysterious depths of the human psyche.
28) But again, as with the lintels, the union did not allow the bricklayers to use a plumb line.
29) If any walls appear to lean, check by going back to the nearest upper window and drop a plumb line down.
30) How could they soar so high one minute, then plumb the depths?
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