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Ambrosia in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-02-20Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: beebreadbitterweednectarragweedSimilar words: embroilembroiledimbroglioembroideryerosionneurosiscorrosionAsianMeaning: [æm'brəʊzjə]  n. 1. a mixture of nectar and pollen prepared by worker bees and fed to larvae 2. any of numerous chiefly North American weedy plants constituting the genus Ambrosia that produce highly allergenic pollen responsible for much hay fever and asthma 3. fruit dessert made of oranges and bananas with shredded coconut 4. (classical mythology) the food and drink of the gods; mortals who ate it became immortal. 
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1. Later Aphrodite herself brought ambrosia.
2. That night I slept as if drugged with ambrosia.
3. I watched him as he poured the red ambrosia into the lovely clear glass.
4. I was surprised to taste whisky, rather than ambrosia, in the frosted glass.
5. But, unlike the eggs of bees and ants, ambrosia beetle eggs do need to be penetrated by something.
6. He is in Billy's make-believe world of ambrosia the moment the curtain rises.
7. The potential risk regions of Ambrosia trifida L. were estimated according to growth characters and historical meteorological data.
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8. The ragweed Ambrosia artemisiifolia, an alien invasive weed, can profoundly influence natural ecosystems, agriculture, and human health.
9. Pollen of artemisia, humulus, and ambrosia are most common among patients with positive skin test.
10. Tony sipped from his glass. "Mmm. Ambrosia. Nectar of the gods. Divine. Wonderful."
11. A comparative study on the morphological characteristic of stem, leaf, anthotaxy and involucrum of three kinds of ragweed weed—Ambrosia Artemisiifolia L.
12. The ragweed, Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. , is one of the most hazardous weed species distributed worldwide and causing serious damages to agricultural production and human health.
13. At Ambrosia Bakery in Baton Rouge, La. , owner Felix Sherman Sr. said the price of nuts is one reason he had to raise the price of a 9-inch pecan pie about 15 percent this year, to $12.95.
14. Amritaalsoamreeta: The ambrosia , prepared by the hindu gods , that bestows immortality.
15. Ambrosia had pushed Edgar and the girl in there with admonition to have some fun.
16. Nine days Demeter wandered, and all that time she would not taste of ambrosia or put sweet nectar to her lips.
17. Jaq noted how wistfully Grimm regarded what he rated as gourmet ambrosia disappearing into the monster's maw remorselessly.
18. After their diet of the last few days, anything would taste like ambrosia.
19. Battered by 50 knot winds and seven-metre seas, the Ambrosia was later washed ashore in Aberdeenshire.
20. The Ruby circuit was installed on a new custom back control panel made from Ambrosia Maple and Spanish Cedar...and a jack was installed.
21. She is at present gone for the best nectar and ambrosia to regale me this evening.
22. The effects of competition with Helianthus turberosus on photosynthesis of Ambrosia trifida were studied under different densities under series replacement experiments.
23. The inhibiting effects of competition of Helianthus turberosus on photosynthesis with Ambrosia trifida increased along with the density increase of Helianthus turberosus in the mixed population.
24. Behind them, at the center of the park, was a circular fountain atopwhich stood a bronze statue of Hebe, the cup bearer of the gods, who plied theOlympians with nectar and ambrosia.
25. His fellow aldermen would believe in anything rather than an heretical distaste for the city ambrosia of the soup tureen .
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