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Cranium in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2016-12-12Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: aluminiumtediummediumsodiumpremiumtriumphstadiumcompendiumMeaning: ['kreɪnɪəm]  n. the part of the skull that encloses the brain. 
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(1) Its long cranium jutting forward, fangs dripping gluey saliva.
(2) Information exchanged and fed into his cranium.
(3) The bullets fired into the victim's cranium were still lodged there.
(4) Crossing the hind part of the cranium there is in some insects an occipital suture.
(5) Craniofacial: Of or involving both the cranium and the face.
(6) His cranium is long and sleek, surrounded by a fringe of curly whitish hair that is neatly trimmed(Sentence dictionary), except for rampant sideburns.
(7) All the bones of facial cranium developed Intramembranously except that the hyoid bone, inferior nasal concha, processus pyramidalis and mandibular neck developed endochondrally.
(8) Methods Under the guidance of CT, micro-wound cones cranium and using hematoma- liquefier clearing epidural hematoma.
(9) The fossil of the pithecanthropus Yuxian Man cranium unearthed in Shiyan is considered as the national treasure because of its high historical value.
(10) It is because of this rather petit cranium that its eyes and ears seem to appear so exaggeratedly large but rather than make the animal seem foolishly overdrawn (as it were), it adds to its appeal.
(11) If it lives long enough, its tusks will eventually reach its cranium and grow into it.
(12) Then he supped hastily from the bone cup of the cranium.
(13) The red light of fires reflected from the hairless cranium.
(14) Specific change was not found on the CT and MRI of cranium. Conclusion Initial symptoms of neurosyphilis have various patterns of manifestation .
(15) T 4 stage involved the skull bases and into cranium in 28 cases.
(16) It has a jaw that is hinged at the cranium and has bony, meaty, jointed fins.
(17) Erectus was on our side of a great divide—with an expanded cranium and an ecological niche defined by the use of tools.
(18) Conclusion Endoscopicsurgery is one of the effective therapies for sphenethmoid mucoceles that damage cranium and ocular region.
(19) Objective : To observe the therapeutic effect of 1,6 diphosphate fructose ( 1, 6 - FDP ) on cranium - brain injury ( CBI ) .
(20) Cranial and cephalic are interchangeable adjectives which mean proceeding toward the brain and cranium.
(21) Conclusion: CT scanning is of remarkable referent value and significance in diagnosing cranium facial osteofibrom hyperplasy.
(22) Objectives : To probe into the value in diagnosing cranium facial osteofibrom hyperplasia with CT.
(23) Cross 19 miles of perilous prehistoric terrain , smashing the classic foes you've come to love and hate with Bonk 's indestructible cranium .
(24) In Beijing a man with a golden gun steals the cranium bones of China's only fossil.
(25) Much see with the spider's web , the causable symptom of the cranium empress nest shows the remark .
(26) Objective To explore the application of titanium mesh in combination with vascularized pericranium for the repair of cranium bifidum with craniofacial meningoencaphlocele.
(27) A thin cover of skin, called the scalp, covers most of the cranium.
(28) The improvement of arteria vertebralis blood circulation were observed with ultrasound cranium Doppler blood stream analyzer.
(29) Whether you're an aspiring actor, artist, data hound, or wordsmith, Cranium gives you and your team a moment to shine!
(30) The diseases included benign and malignant tumor, congenital disease, specific infection, which were all related to cranium.
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