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Traumatize in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-04-02Updated:2017-04-02
Similar words: traumatictraumadramatizestigmatizeacclimatizationprivatizerheumaticdemocratizeMeaning: v. inflict a trauma upon. 
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1, My wife was traumatized by the experience.
2, She was traumatized by an unfortunate experience in her childhood.
3, He was so traumatized by the attack that he could not work for a year.
4, He was traumatized by his war experiences.
5, The whole experience left him traumatized.
6, She was completely traumatized by the death of her mother.
7, Some may have been in hiding, traumatized by the squealing that had filled the afternoon air and then quite abruptly ceased.
8, He was traumatized as a child, apparently, when his mentally ill father forced him to kill a thief.
9, In 1967, the nation was traumatized by race riots in a number of major cities.
10, In one fell swoop, the authors have denied the deeply traumatizing consequences of extreme verbal and emotional abuse.
11, A virgin splay of grass traumatized by five months of snow sloped gently down to the water.
12, Suprise traumatized her, offsetting the sting of the slap.
13, To bite into the bitter, tannin-filled persimmon is a traumatizing experience.
14, These children have been traumatized by the violence in their home.
15, Somehow or alternative, they will got to traumatize their bulky adore .
16, The point is not to permanently traumatize anyone — the researchers who performed this experiment quickly followed it with a ritual absolving the child of blame.
17, Methods Observing ultrasonogram of normal and traumatize flexor tendons of chicken toe and find out corresponds with ultrasonography and histological morphology during the healing process of tendon.
18, Did his parents traumatize him?
19, He left her in the middle of the road,[] shaking and deeply traumatized.
20, He freely gives time for the dying wife, the injured mechanic, the traumatized telephonist.
21, Because of the close anatomical relationship between the vertebral arteries and the cervical spine, chiropractic manipulation or neck rotation may traumatize the vertebral arteries in the neck.
22, 'You don't want to quit precipitously since you can traumatize yourself even more by facing extended un employment .
23, But it is for you to discuss and sort out the problems and let the fights not traumatize your married life!
24, Maggie: Ok well have you thought about how this could traumatize Ben and Carol?
25, One aspect of such reality is that tragic accidents and violence happen and they shock and traumatize the victim's body, mind and soul at the time and for the rest of their life.
26, Some people would say that having a homosexual parent would traumatize a child and ruin their social life.
27, At the time of his arrest her mother had been advised not to prosecute her husband because the events surrounding a trial would further traumatize Jennifer.
28, So analysts think smaller trade surpluses could be here to stay – although the shift isn't likely to be severe enough to traumatize the U. S. bond market.
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