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Desensitize in a sentence

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Sentence count:28+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-09Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: desensitizedsensitiveinsensitivesensitivitycitizenshipcitizenprioritizedensityMeaning: [‚diː'sensɪtaɪz]  v. 1. cause not to be sensitive 2. make insensitive. 
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1) Seeing too much violence on television can desensitize people to it.
2) Does TV desensitize people to violence?
3) Maybe he was desensitized by drugs.
4) We apparently have been desensitized and need to increase our awareness of the effects violent programming can have.
5) As a rule, therapists tend to become desensitized to the scene content as they progress.
6) With this area desensitized, it is only a matter of time before the sensitivity of faith's communication is also numbed.
7) The theory is that industrial alcohol can desensitize some one to all synthetic organic chemicals,( because it is derived from oil.
8) Bushman believes that violent video games desensitize young people.
9) Does sniffing too many scents desensitize your nose?
10) Can we desensitize our immune systems?
11) If you desensitize the carotid body can you reverse the phenotype?
12) Those rituals begin to desensitize the very impressionable and afraid youth to what it's like to be in the Lord's Resistance Army.
13) In order words, the first climax helps to “desensitize” your penis glans and can give you up to three times the endurance in bed.
14) Conclusions Desensitization therapy can desensitize the syphilis patient with positive reaction to penicillin skin test transitorily, so it tries for the best therapy for the patients.
15) Fluoride protector was used to desensitize the prepared teeth before the crowns were cemented in the experimental group.
16) Where I had the operation,the skin has become completely desensitized.
17) People who suffer from allergies can sometimes be given injections to help desensitize them.
18) She concealed the secluded from her parents, fearing the exposure would desensitize them.
19) "You can feel this kind of ... sloshing in your inner ear," he says. "NASA stopped using it, but the Russians still believe it helps desensitize you so you don't get motion sickness."
20) People who suffer from allergies can sometimes be injections to help desensitize them.
21) Even worse, by focusing only on their genital contact, they may gradually desensitize other erogenous zones.
22) Or do you think , like many, that witnessing executions would simply desensitize citizens about death?
23) The fact that these racist comments were spoken in Chinese does NOT desensitize the issue.
24) Various studies indicate that a constant release of monoamines can desensitize the neurotransmitters'receptors.
25) Too much exposure to violence on TV and in movies, music videos, and video and computer games can desensitize children to violence.
26) It accustoms a horse to being handled and helps to desensitize ticklish areas.
27) Years of overriding the natural limits of libido with intense stimulation desensitize the user's response to a neurochemical called dopamine.
28) Fear can be irrational, and in this case the approach should be to desensitize oneself.
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