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Monetize in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-02-12Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: monetisecitizenhypnotizedramatizedemocratizecitizenshipgeneticfreneticMeaning: ['mɑnətaɪz/'mʌnɪtaɪz]  v. give legal value to or establish as the legal tender of a country. 
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1. Do you actually want to monetize your blog?
2. Do you have a hobby that you can monetize?
3. You always offer a backend to monetize on this opportunity, such an affiliate product for example.
4. This would create a mechanism for countries to monetize part of their budget deficits.
5. In effect, the Fed would "monetize" the debt issued by the federal government to finance the government's shortfall in tax revenue.
6. Monetize: The Monetize tab offers settings for those who wish to place advertising services on their blog.
7. Once you have a flat in central Berlin,you can always monetize it when the prices rise.
7. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
8. Investors become increasingly concerned about borrowers defaulting on their liabilities or central banks starting to monetize outstanding debt.
9. As most now realize, the fundamental problem that social networks face when trying to monetize through an advertising-driven business model is the lack of trust.
10. Note that YeeYan always links back to the original article and they don't monetize the translation in any way.
11. A new accord between the Federal Reserve and Treasury should re-establish the Fed's independence and accountability so that it is not called upon to monetize the debt or engage in credit allocation.
12. An airline moving into social networking is interesting, so we decided to take a look and see how it compares to internet startups who are looking to monetize social platforms catered to travelers.
13. Besides, depending on your success, you may be able to monetize your blog and make it an additional source of income.
14. Those who persevere, gain new insights into their target market, and actually find out how to monetize their blog, directly or indirectly.
15. But the far more lucrative portion of that world involves analyzing how users are accessing that data and finding ways to monetize those behaviors.
16. So I've put a lot of blame on the Fed because they monetize these debts.
17. The question is at what point will Sina need to monetize it and what effect will this have on their ability to make money with it.
18. This remains a huge opportunity for Apple and, in our view(, is a major differentiator for the company. Apple has been able to successfully monetize China where competitors have been challenged.
19. Finally, the company also hopes to find ways to better monetize free calling and video chats, adding new models such as advertising to do so.
20. Microsoft was obsessed with its bottom line; Google would focus on creating products before figuring out how to monetize them.
21. And, most important, will the Federal Reserve be forced to monetize these deficits, thus leading to a new round of inflation?
22. In this case the central bank — by increasing excess reserves — would de facto monetize commercial bank liabilities and thus increase the outstanding stock of money.
23. If you are a country like the US, the UK, or Japan that can monetize its fiscal deficits, then you won't have a sovereign debt event but high inflation that erodes the value of public debt.
24. It is one of the difficulties in environmental evaluation to carry out environmental economic cost-benefit analysis and monetize environmental impact.
25. Moreover, try to imagine a Fed chairman doggedly seeking to maintain the value of the dollar even if it meant refusing to monetize a massive deficit to fight a war or "stimulate" a depressed economy.
26. Where developers were lining up in the last five years to spin off new REITs and monetize their property assets, most have now postponed or scrapped the plans.
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