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Proselytize in a sentence

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Synonym: proselytiseSimilar words: closelyprosecuteprosecutorprosecutionanalyticmonetizecitizenhypnotizeMeaning: ['prɑsɪlɪtaɪz /'prɒs-]  v. convert to another faith or religion. 
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1. I assured him we didn't come here to proselytize.
2. The Jesuit scientists went to learn, not to proselytize.
3. It was not the most obvious way to proselytize.
4. Davis wanted to share his concept and proselytize his ideas.
5. Christians were arrested for trying to proselytize people.
6. Do not proselytize your work or ideas.
7. If you try to proselytize someone, or battle them over a hot topic like abortion, you may reach a point of no return.
8. He came over to welcome me and proselytize for the benefits of nudism.
9. While it's illegal for adults to proselytize anyone under 18, young people do not have this same restriction.
10. I am not trying to convert you, to proselytize you or to do propaganda against any particular religion.
11. He shaved his head and donned the saffron robes of a Buddhist monk to proselytize in the temples.
12. Other members of the aid group, the International Assistance Mission, said the slain workers - some of whom had worked in Afghanistan for decades - did not proselytize.
13. Giving alms to Africa remains one of the biggest ideas of our time -- millions march for it, governments are judged by it, celebrities proselytize the need for it.
14. "They have seen that the Catholics are not the type who go and proselytize and convert the Muslims[], " he said.
15. Parents are entitled to send their children to school without having to proselytize somebody having somebody else's religion.
16. I went to a small publisher in Texas who let us do what we wanted to do. I didn't want to proselytize and preach.
17. Paulo and John all estimates the Satan next step activity, also was the Satan must let this world all fill the enemy Jesus Christ's influence, called to proselytize the human to be everywhere awkward.
18. The Libyan leader also demanded that the Italian government arrange an event at which he could proselytize the virtues of Islam to a group of 1, 000 Italian women.
19. This helps to discourage members from abandoning the religion while still enabling them to proselytize.
20. Yet it is not clear whether their songs are meant to proselytize in behalf of drugs or simply to deal with them as a subject of the moment.
21. From that day forward, the Seekers, previously shy of the press and indifferent toward evangelizing, began to proselytize.
22. I assured him we did not come here to proselytize.
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23. The USA's Faith Based Initiative law provides Christian missionary organizations with taxpayer funds that are used to proselytize Christianity to indigenous populations throughout the world.
24. Hume "doesn't really have the authority, " Shales suggested — unless of course "one believes that every Christian by mandate must proselytize."
25. It is not your task as members of the Family of Light to proselytize.
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