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Democratize in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2016-12-30Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: democratiseSimilar words: democraticDemocratdemocracyautocraticdemonstrationdemoralizedemoralizeddramatizeMeaning: [dɪ'mɒkrətaɪz]  v. 1. become (more) democratic; of nations 2. introduce democratic reforms; of nations. 
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1. There were efforts to democratize school management structures, encouraged by the establishment of communal villages and co-operatives.
2. They could democratize the royal professions that lord it over our health, education, welfare and criminal justice bureaucracies.
3. I see this as a way to democratize innovation.
4. Ion Torrent, he added, would “democratize” sequencing.
5. In the end, countries cannot democratize others.
6. But it wants to raise its brand recognition--it's introducing an affordable smartphone that it hopes will "democratize" that technology--and make Huawei a household name.
7. It has the potential to greatly accelerate and democratize gene sequencing.
8. Viktor Kremenyuk agrees his country must democratize, if it is to modernize its economy.
9. Iraq teaches what it takes to democratize a big tribalized Arab country once the iron-fisted leader is removed (in that case by us).
10. As part of his move to democratize management, Chambers set up a new hierarchy within the company.
11. And even if China does democratize, there is absolutely no guarantee that this will make life easier for the United States, let alone prolong America's global hegemony.
12. In our haste to democratize -- and also as a condition for Western aid -- we copied and adopted the Western form of democracy and neglected to build upon our own democratic tradition.
13. Even after the Bush administration’s brief push to democratize the Arab world, Egypt’s seemingly eternal president looked as solid as the Sphinx.
14. He foresaw frustration in this drive to democratize other lands.
15. It was hypothesized here that the flattening of the hierarchy was apparent[], but this did not automatically democratize.
16. At the same time our study found that although the flattening of the hierarchy was apparent, that did not automatically democratize.
17. The success of President Mohammad Khatami's brave attempt to democratize the country hangs in the balance.
18. Eventually however, Livshits and Kiciman think Ripley could help democratize an essential part of Web application security, putting it within reach of non-expert developers.
19. President John F. Kennedy announced the Alliance for Progress to help America's distant neighbors get their societal acts together: democratize, build stronger economies, pull people out of poverty.
20. Medvedev, during his presidential term, missed a slew of opportunities to democratize Russia.
21. We've grown 300 percent month on month and January isn't even over yet," said Keith McCullough, CEO of Research Edge, a six-month-old firm that says it wants to democratize market research services.
22. Would not lift the embargo unless Cuba releases political prisoners, starts instituting free press and takes other steps to democratize the island, but is looking to normalize relations at some point.
23. a crowdsourced radio station with a web-based interface, has found a way to democratize sound waves and captivate that same 18-35-year-old audience.
24. Friedberg ridicules this approach, arguing that the United States should seek to democratize China and, if this does not succeed, should practice assertive containment.
25. Every indication so far is that China is on track to democratize within a few decades.
26. This letter, to my professor of design process, described the development of my philosophy and my drive to democratize political and economic power.
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