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Temporal in a sentence

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Antonym: eternalspiritualSimilar words: temporarycontemporarytempleoralimportcontemplatecontretempsimportantMeaning: ['tempərəl]  n. the semantic role of the noun phrase that designating the time of the state or action denoted by the verb. adj. 1. not eternal 2. of or relating to or limited by time 3. of or relating to the temples (the sides of the skull behind the orbit) 4. of the material world 5. concerned with secular rather than sacred matters 6. of this earth or world. 
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1. Eternal being makes its temporal appearance in this way.
2. George has tried stimulating the right temporal lobe while showing patients such actors' faces depicting a standard emotion like disgust.
3. Temporal distance is encoded by the past tense, reflecting content time, which is separate from coding time.
4. To the hunter, temporal or spatial measurements mattered very little, if at all.
5. Temporal and spiritual power was divided between the two highest castes.
6. Temporal turbulence stretches the very fabric of reality and folds it back on itself.
7. One is the inferior temporal cortex and the other the inferior parietal lobe.
8. Then George applied the stimulating current to the temporal lobe, just below the motor and speech areas.
8. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
9. But the eternal and temporal worlds met in the maintenance of rights given to the saints and committed to his guardianship.
10. These can modify their operation to detect temporal and spatial patterns of inputs.
11. Several appropriate datasets are being examined for further temporal changes.
12. The physical realm is the realm of contingent, temporal, concrete and fuzzy particulars.
13. Yet it has many reciprocal connections to the temporal lobe and the parietal lobe, big pipelines through the white matter.
14. The right temporal lobe is particularly interested in the emotional content of the facial expression.
15. Edgar ruled over the Church as well as his temporal kingdom.
16. One is also able to see how specific acts are related to a temporal and spatial context.
17. Although spiritual leader of millions of people, the Pope has no temporal power.
18. The causal direction hypothesis predicts that performance will be better on the causal task than on the temporal task.
19. The Church and democracy had fought a war for temporal power, the Church had lost, and the antagonism lingered.
20. New-onset headaches in the older patient suggest either depression or such serious diseases as mass lesions or temporal arteritis.
21. Maybe only several dozen, judging from some of the work on temporal lobe neurons involved in face recognition.
22. Tense, therefore, can be deictic in as much as it can be used to encode specific temporal relations with respect to the encoder.
23. Consequently, in the intentional mode, there is a complex relationship between causal direction and temporal order.
24. Nearly two-thirds of the neurons recorded from the human temporal lobe seemed to be interested in faces.
25. Much less severe memory deficits are sometimes seen after removal of the temporal lobe on only one side.
26. The two changes in infant care practice had a temporal relation with mass publicity accompanying fund raising for the Cot Death Association.
27. Yet if one compares these two essentially agrarian communities in temporal terms, the situation is reversed.
28. The loss of consciousness results from the epileptic process involving hippocampal regions of the medial temporal lobes.
29. George has recorded the electrical activity of individual neurons in the temporal cortex during the three-slide show.
30. George once had a patient who heard Led Zeppelin music each time a particular temporal lobe site was stimulated.
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