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Earnestness in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-02-21Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: serious-mindednessseriousnesssinceritySimilar words: earnestearnestlyharnessin harnesswitnessfitnessgreatnesseagernessMeaning: [ɜnɪstnɪs /ɜːn-]  n. 1. an earnest and sincere feeling 2. the trait of being serious. 
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1. The speaker's earnestness enchained the attention of his audience.
2. He was admired by many for his earnestness.
3. This proclamation is hereby issued in allsincerity and earnestness.
4. Above all, it was his earnestness that decided her.
5. New England's history made for earnestness.
6. As for little Pearl, the earnestness soon passed out of her face.
7. Ralph resented this charge with more apparent earnestness than he commonly used.
8. His diligence , earnestness, carefulness and brilliance, made him praised all.
9. He spoke with a pleading earnestness , taking Alan by the breast of the coat.
10. Atapi. Without earnestness you can't realize the whole sitting rupa.
11. We would admire both his earnestness and his self-aware irony.
12. He looked with inquiring earnestness at his two daughters and Edmund,( dwelling particularly on the latter.
13. His diligence earnestness, carefulness and brilliance make him praised by all.
14. He spoke with an earnestness that carried conviction to his students.
15. Victoria was not much of a Victorian, with her mistrust of the church and distaste for earnestness in general.
16. It had always been one of his Walter Mittyisms to run a restaurant, and this we discussed with extreme earnestness.
17. It does not trifle with us, but has a sweet earnestness.
18. It requires a fertile and high-functioning brain to take something as simple as the truth and twist it, palming off the deception on someone else with the earnestness of a choirboy.
19. A really good creative person is more interested in earnestness than in glibness and take more satisfaction out of converting people than in "wowing" them .
20. A third factor about the renewal of western Christendom was a reviving of religious earnestness.
21. When their job is done (, thank them with great earnestness and sincerity.
22. " You speak , my friend, with a strange earnestness,'said old Roger Chillingworth, smiling at him.
23. We will achieve tomorrow splendor with you by the management idea of "heartiness, earnestness, and sincerity"!
24. Chien - yun 's face was red, not with embarrassment, but with the earnestness of his speech.
25. For many months, the Soviets refused to bargain in earnestness.
26. The massa's eyes drank in the wet - eyed earnestness of his beloved niece.
27. At its best, the tradition of New England reform, with its moral earnestness and its willingness to call on the full powers of a strong state, is a nonracial or postracial vision.
28. A really good creative person is more interested in earnestness than in glibness and takes more satisfaction out of converting people than in " wowing " them.
29. Send away the past with gratitude, and welcome the future with earnestness.
30. The Elgar of England also with his special music skill, describe the emotion of the earnestness of British color.
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