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Hardness in a sentence

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Synonym: callositycallousnessharshnessinclemencyinsensibilityrigorrigorousnessrigourrigourousnessruggednessseverenessseveritystiffnessunfeelingnessSimilar words: awkwardnessmadnesssadnesskindnesswretchednessharnesshard-pressedwednesdayMeaning: ['hɑrdnɪs /'hɑː-]  n. 1. the property of being rigid and resistant to pressure; not easily scratched; measured on Mohs scale 2. devoid of passion or feeling; hardheartedness 3. the quality of being difficult to do 4. excessive sternness. 
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1. The old snow has compacted into the hardness of ice.
2. His will has stiffened after suffering such hardness.
3. These alloys are characterized by their extreme hardness.
4. In America,[ ] people don'tnormally admit to the hardness of life.
5. He felt the hardness of the iron railing press against his spine.
6. He touched her arms, her shoulders; their hardness vanished.
7. She would never have thought of criticizing his hardness.
8. If this is done in hardness of spirit, it tends to harden attitudes and drive people away for the Lord.
9. The forwards had a genuine hardness and solidity about them, a welcome sight after the pathetic shaven-headed posturing of recent years.
10. They remove the hardness, and the former gives sodium salts instead of the calcium and magnesium salts.
11. Hardness A hard Rottweiler is one who does not allow bad experiences to affect him permanently.
12. Calcium permanent hardness requires the more expensive sodium carbonate, whereas magnesium permanent hardness requires both lime and sodium carbonate.
13. Water condition: Very indifferent to water hardness, but prefers a slightly acid to neutral condition.
14. Her shoulder protested at the hardness of the ground, and she shifted, trying to ease it.
15. But in spite of their hardness they seemed to vanish in no time.
16. However, its hardness makes it slightly less versatile when it comes to surface decoration such as inlays.
17. As mentioned above, to remove magnesium bicarbonate hardness requires twice as much lime as is needed for calcium bicarbonate.
18. Even the years of military training had not muscled him into hardness.
19. It has time to dissolve minute quantities of minerals which can give it definite characteristics such as hardness or taste.
20. Thus the volume of water that a softener can soften before regeneration is a function of the hardness content of the water.
21. It contains a number of impurities the sum of which are known as water hardness salts.
22. As the kiss lingered, she was made aware of his hardness as he pressed himself against her.
23. Casually, Kirov dipped his hand into the pocket, encountering the cold hardness of the gun.
24. If you keep soft water fish you would need to test for general hardness.
25. It is likely that a good many valuable stones were destroyed in this way because Pliny was muddling up hardness and toughness.
26. There is some, rather depressing, evidence that women are as thrilled by male hardness as ever they were.
27. These were noises to stave off the silence into which misery might seep, noises to throw against the hardness of life.
28. There came a time when he doubled back after the others had gone on the trail taking their cyan hardness with them.
29. I wish you could take supper with me, that you might judge the hardness and durability of our biscuits.
30. Performance was relatively weaker with small scale acoustic recital and chamber material where a certain hardness sometimes intruded.
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