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Synaesthesia in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-03-15Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: aestheticaestheticssynthesisaestheticallyprosthesissynthesizephotosynthesissynapseMeaning: n. a sensation that normally occurs in one sense modality occurs when another modality is stimulated. 
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1. Synaesthesia is a linguistic and also a psychological phenomenon.
2. Do identical twins have identical synaesthesia?
3. The artistic synaesthesia is a special way of sensation.
4. How have artists used scientific concepts of synaesthesia in the past?
5. I used the method of Synaesthesia successfully made her understand that she is normal and can be overcome through the efforts.
6. The suggestion that acquired mirror-pain synaesthesia may be mediated by neural disinhibition is intriguing.
7. Thus, the sense synaesthesia in English and Chinese poetry is classified and compared accordingly in this article.
8. Traditionally, synaesthesia was considered as a modificatory method and used in poetry or literary works.
9. Most synaesthetes are positively disposed to their synaesthesia, but for a very small number, synaesthetic perceptions may be intrusive if they are particularly intense.
9. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
10. From the cognitive perspective, synaesthesia is also a kind of metaphor, and it embodies metaphorically cognitive and thinking processes.
11. Pain synaesthesia may be a symptom of an abnormal, ongoing hypervigilance.
12. Synaesthesia is one of the most important artistic forms in modern Chinese and western poetry.
13. People with synaesthesia, perhaps one in 2,000 by conservative estimates, get two - for - one sensory experiences.
14. He is intrigued by the idea that synaesthesia could explain auras , but doesn't see a way to prove it.
15. Dr Rouw and Dr Scholte chose grapheme-colour synaesthesia to study for two reasons.
16. How synaesthesia starts ( in other words, how the connections become so strong ) is also unclear.
17. We think that synaesthesia is a three-level system of interconnections between senses, cross-modal transfer and synaesthesia, and there are differences and connections among them.
18. On balance, Ward thinks people with synaesthesia put brush to canvas simply because they want to express their strange experiences.
19. Simner and Ward (2006) set about inducing TOT states in the lab by showing 6 participants with this rare form of synaesthesia pictures of unusual objects, such as a platypus.
20. Why is there so little exchange of knowledge on synaesthesia between artists and scientists?
21. This last category, a rare form known as lexical-gustatory synaesthesia, provides an opportunity to study the TOT phenomenon in an unusual way.
22. And the deconstruction of linguistic patterns related to synaesthetic images may facilitate the understanding of synaesthesia from multi-perspectives.
23. This paper makes a research into national and cultural differences in synaesthetic words on the basis of the study of the physiological universality in synaesthesia.
24. Ward, like many, is a bit jealous of those with synaesthesia, but the condition seems to be present from birth and impossible to learn.
25. There is still some speculation over whether Kandinsky actually had synaesthesia or was simply influenced by reports of the phenomenon in other people.
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