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Fascinate in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2017-02-11Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: attractcaptivatecharmdelightenchantenthrallexciteinterestintriguethrillSimilar words: fascinatinghallucinatefascismnominatedominateruminateobstinatelaminatedMeaning: ['fæsɪneɪt]  v. 1. cause to be interested or curious 2. to render motionless, as with a fixed stare or by arousing terror or awe 3. attract; cause to be enamored. 
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1. Snakes are said to fascinate small animals.
2. Would it continue to fascinate for a lifetime?
3. Cats fascinate me - I don't know why.
4. Diplomacy and realpolitik continue to fascinate him.
5. Fossils fascinate him too, and he says that he might even look to a career in palaeontology.
6. But what seemed to fascinate the youngsters most was this unexpected moment from an unexpected visitor.
7. Posters continue to fascinate and so often depict one-off, rare or even imaginary aircraft.
8. It seemed to fascinate him, as the South in general did.
9. Sequoias fascinate people by their size and age.
10. Cats nevet fail to fascinate human beings.
11. I be extremely fascinate by the story.
12. Snakes are said to fascinate small birds.
13. Cats never fail to fascinate human beings.
14. The place continues to fascinate visitors(, cloaked in its mystery.
15. Sequoias fascinate people . They fascinate people by their size and age . They simply exceed human dimensions.
16. I believed devoutly in her power to fascinate him, in her dazzling loveliness.
17. It seems that the private lives of movie stars never fail to fascinate.
18. So the hedges which most interest the historian are those which most fascinate the botanist.
19. It is masculinity at its most macho that seems to fascinate men.
20. His illustrations have stood the test of time and for ever continue to fascinate and inspire the children, of all ages.
21. They go there in sound health and it seems to fascinate them with its grandeur and rainbow beauty.
22. These things never get old , and always manage to fascinate.
23. There is none of the affections, which has been noted to fascinate or bewitch, but love and envy.
23. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
24. I kind of wanted to know about about veterinary school and how one starts their our practice (other professions fascinate me to no end), but I don't think that's what she wants to talk about.
25. Oshio returned to Montreux Jazz Festival in July 2003 to fascinate more crowds.
26. Eleven institutions and companies from across Europe are contributing to FascinatE, including the BBC, Technicolor, the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute and Salford University.
27. And actually, there is nothing strange about it, as the main feature and goal of surrealism is to surprise, catch the audience, and fascinate people with obscurity, incomprehensibility, and mystery.
28. Natural and also unreal at the same time, they bewilder, fascinate and cause disconcertment.
29. What is the stimulating message of this creature specifically designed to fascinate small children?
30. Two of the many aspects of this problem increasingly fascinate and provoke the writer.
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