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Photosynthesis in a sentence

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Similar words: synthesizephotothesisphotocelltelephotophotogenicphotographphotocopierMeaning: ['fəʊtəʊ'sɪnθɪsɪs] n. synthesis of compounds with the aid of radiant energy (especially in plants). 
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1 Photosynthesis is a highly complex process.
2 Light intensity is especially important in relation to photosynthesis, of course.
3 What if we were to look therefore at photosynthesis through the eyes of a control engineer?
4 As the sun heated up photosynthesis, the carbon was moved from air to living things by measurable amounts.
5 By means of photosynthesis, plants convert the radiant energy of the sun into chemical energy.
6 However, its capacity is regulated by sunlight and photosynthesis, not by economic theory or politics.
7 Plants use carbon dioxide in photosynthesis to feed themselves.
8 Membrane damage can slow down photosynthesis quite substantially.
9 Plants do not have a monopoly on photosynthesis.
10 Miller separated photosynthesis membranes from the purple bacterium, Rhodopseudomonas viridis, and has now determined their 3-D structure by electron microscopy.
11 Photosynthesis is the process of capturing energy from the sun.
12 The dye collects sunlight, as plants do by photosynthesis.
13 We will look again at photosynthesis on page 93.
14 Sunlight is needed in order for the process of photosynthesis to take place in plants.
15 The processes by which light energy is thus harnessed are collectively called photosynthesis.
16 One tube is not enough to provide the necessary light energy for photosynthesis.
17 Meanwhile, biophysicist Professor H. Ti Trien and his team have been trying to mimic photosynthesis, in particular the charge separation step.
18 Leaves are a rich source of vitamin C and the vitamin is particularly concentrated within chloroplasts,[] the organelles of photosynthesis.
19 Photosynthetic bacteria, on the other hand, have no distinct site for photosynthesis.
20 The secret of the remarkable production by plants of both oxygen and organic food substances is of course photosynthesis.
21 There would be no free oxygen in the atmosphere even today were it not for photosynthesis.
22 The colour change from green to yellow suggested that the key may lie in chlorophyll, the compound responsible for photosynthesis.
23 In early times, then - certainly more than two billion years ago photosynthesis evolved.
24 From here, damage spread to the cells responsible for photosynthesis.
25 Shallow lakes sometimes have a bottom layer of aquatic mosses, which by photosynthesis add oxygen to the water close by.
26 The growing plant partly relies on the host tree for nutrients but it also makes its own by the usual photosynthesis.
27 The electrons of chlorophyll molecules become excited and are ferried across the photosynthesis membrane by electron-grabbing molecules called quinones.
28 Nitrogen fixed in the form of biologically useful compounds is a limiting factor for photosynthesis.
29 In any case the zooxanthellae generate much of the coral's nutritional needs by photosynthesis.
30 The technique of splitting water to release chemical energy is half of the process known as photosynthesis.
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