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Hypothesize in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-01-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: hypothesishypotheticalsynthesizehypocritehypocrisysize uphypocriticalsizeableMeaning: [haɪ'pɑθəsaɪz /-'pɒ-]  v. to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds. 
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1, Scientists hypothesize that the dinosaurs were killed by a giant meteor.
2, We can only hypothesize that they are typical.
3, Together they try to hypothesize what could have happened.
4, We hypothesize that inside-outside transport of leukotriene C4 (LTC4) via MRP1 is a substantial proatherogenic mechanism in the vasculature.
5, We hypothesize that the maintenance of undifferentiation in embryonic stem cells by using small molecules can also make the same effects on those pluripotent adult embryonic-like stem cells.
6, We hypothesize that estrogen prevents cardiomyocyte apoptosis and the deelopment of CHF.
7, The researchers hypothesize that cooking an egg may denature some of the proteins responsible for the allergic response.
8, We hypothesize that neovascularization of diabetic retinopathy is a systemic vasculogenesis rather than a local angiogenesis.
9, The answer, researchers hypothesize and report online today in PLoS ONE,( is that the bottom-dwelling fish are a lot more nutritious.
10, One could hypothesize a metric of current flow for time , a form of temporal amperage.
11, We, therefore,( hypothesize that intrauterine infections during pregnancy may have a direct effect upon trophoblast cells through TLRs.
12, Planetary scientists hypothesize that the storm runs deep into Saturn's cloud tops.
13, The researchers hypothesize that the sound waves are intercepted by cilia—hairlike structures—on the larvae.
14, "We hypothesize that an "epidemic" of HP infection in the oropharynx, due to changed sexual habits, may contribute to the significant increase in incidence of tonsillar cancer, " they write.
15, We hypothesize that firms with more earnings management are more likely to be given MAOs.
16, The authors hypothesize that an individual's genetic background determines the initial susceptibility to aortic dissection.
17, With only a few facts, Holmes could hypothesize the explanation.
18, Since we do not currently have this knowledge we hypothesize the user groups and their needs.
19, As some one who has experience with other students, what do you hypothesize about the student radicals?
20, By knowing what work-inhibited students are like, it becomes possible to hypothesize why the problem exists.
21, That being so just like the chess computer, there may be no need of hypothesize some spooky substance, some immaterial substance.
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