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Swampy in a sentence

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Similar words: swampswampedlumpybumpyskimpygrumpyswayswapMeaning: ['swɑmpɪ /-wɒm-]  adj. (of soil) soft and watery. 
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1. Louisiana's swampy areas are ideal for its cultivation.
2. He drove to an old lodge in the swampy bottoms where Carmine liked to relax with the boys.
3. This was a swampy field where I once managed to shoot a pheasant as it became airborne, screeching.
4. Borders of woodland and moorland, moors, steppes and swampy heaths with scattered trees, especially birches and pines.
5. An ox as grazing in a swampy meadow.
6. Low , flat , swampy landa bog or marsh.
7. Malaria is still rampant in some swampy regions.
8. The ivory-billed woodpecker was once found across the swampy forests of the south-eastern states.
9. Humic acid was extracted from Swampy soil in Zhongdian on Yunnan.
10. The Bengal tiger inhabits grassy or swampy areas and forests, where it is well camouflaged by its coloration.
11. For a swampy effect, Ms. Louden insisted that Yahoo plant a billowy grass that wouldn't need mowing and would grow no more than 5 inches high around her 22 groupings of reflector-tipped wire.
12. On rare clearings in this swampy hell a few Finno-Ugric tribes eventually appeared and left many burial mounts behind, with some of them still belowground because of impassibility of the swamp.
13. Humic acid was extracted from swampy soil in Zhongdian at Yunnan and characterized.
14. They can be found essentially in swampy regions and humid zones.
15. A large brownish wading bird(Aramus guarauna) of warm, swampy regions of the New World, having long legs, a drooping bill, and a distinctive wailing call.
16. They could not move their heavy mortars over the swampy ground.
17. The men had been camped for a month in swampy terrain, much of it malarial. Pure water was scarce.
18. Secured by cables, the platform will allow visitors to hover 50 feet above a swampy abyss filled with leeches and snakes.
19. The unease is not restricted to the desperately poor, swampy country of 10m people.
20. A very humid climate fostering tropical vegetation in a swampy and lagoonal surrounding is characteristic of this period.
21. She was about ten yards behind him as the party splashed its way into the swampy grass.
22. A temporary net has been put up over the pond and swampy area that was built for the white-skinned alligator.
23. It was a freezing morning and the Section had run for five miles over muddy paths and swampy fields.
24. Another explanation for the tumult in the Tunguska region claimed that the destruction resulted from the rapid combustion of methane gas released from the swampy ground into the air.
25. Jamestown , though it possessed a good harbor, was swampy, infested with mosquitoes,[sentence dictionary] and lacked freshwater sources.
26. Any of various wading and swimming birds of the family Rallidae, frequenting swampy regions and characteristically having dark, iridescent plumage and a red bill tipped with yellow.
27. Slip and slide, fast and strong, basking by the stream on a swampy log.
28. A grouse (Canachites canadensis) that is dark gray barred with black, found in swampy forests of northern North America, and popular as a game bird.
29. IT IS A WELL-KNOWN FACT—at least here in Rappahannock County, Virginia—that spring lives in a small swampy area just east of the Shade Road.
30. In her thought she traced its course as it ran down the hill to the sluggish Flint River, through the tangled swampy bottoms and up the next hill to Twelve Oaks where Ashley lived.
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