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Stagflation in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-03-23Updated:2017-03-23
Similar words: deflationinflationstagnationinstallationelationinflammationstationoblationMeaning: [stæg'fleɪʃn]  n. a period of slow economic growth and high unemployment (stagnation) while prices rise (inflation). 
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1, Stagflation and the threat of deeper world recession has left marks upon the consciousness of the workers.
2, Stagflation can be a harbinger of economic depression.
3, Stagflation is portmanteau word made of stagnation and inflation.
4, The deepening of the degree of economic virtualization reduced the explanatory power of traditional economic theory for such real economic issues as "stagflation" and the velocity of money.
5, Stagflation is a portmanteau word made of stagnation and inflation.
6, From the mid-seventies onwards , the U. S suffered from"stagflation", that is , the occurrence of stagnation and inflation at the same time.
7, Stagflation is a very unpopular buzz word in the business world.
8, The stagflation broke the stabilization in 1970s, the Monetary School[], the Supply-Side School and other schools follow the need of ages and become flourishing.
9, Substantive state of stagflation will also return to the Russian economy dollarization.
10, Stagflation is the combination of high unemployment and economic stagnation with inflation.
11, America was mired in stagflation, with an unemployment rate nearing double digits.
12, Inflation, unemployment, on both i . e . stagflation, are manifestations of business cycles.
13, The era of stagflation in America began in 1974 and ended in the early 80 s.
14, The unwillingness of oil-consuming societies to check their spending resulted in the phenomenon of stagflation: slow growth combined with inflation.
15, This will be difficult to do in a period of stagflation.
16, Most of the downtown bread stores have been driven out of business by stagflation.
17, Another from the Pandora's box came out of the Devil, is a global stagflation comes face.
18, Raising the Yuan against the Dollar will cure the stagflation disease of the skin,[] but hawkish fiscal and monetary policy will cure the stagflation disease of the heart.
19, We do not curb energy demand, the result is the next higher energy prices, the economic consequences of a sustained cost-push inflation or even stagflation.
20, I am afraid the world is entering another decade of stagflation.
21, Just as the Depression spawned Keynesianism, and the 1970s stagflation fuelled a backlash, creative destruction is already under way.
22, Operation, control positions in order to tap the main varieties of stagflation.
23, Carter had eked out a paper-thin victory only because of Watergate, stagflation and defeat in Vietnam.
24, in the smash-up, the debris flies in every us a bewildering, mixed up picture that looks a lot like stagflation.
25, Ignore the stock market rally, the world is heading a long stretch of stagflation.
26, This is worth bearing in mind for those who drone on endlessly about "jobless stagflation."
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