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Decolonization in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: colonizationsynchronizationorganizationurbanizationorganizationalcolonizecollectivizationnationalizationMeaning: n. the action of changing from colonial to independent status. 
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1. Decolonization was associated with the spread of ideologies of national self-determination and ultimately the near-universality of the sovereign nation-state.
2. The decolonization of the British Empire experienced four stages.
3. Unlike any of these zones, however, formal decolonization has been accompanied by a virtually uninterrupted sequence of imperial wars and interventions in the post-colonial period.
4. In the process of promoting decolonization , UN has formed an autonomous system and that of trusteeship to place the decolonization issue under an international supervision system.
5. Patients who are carriers can be screened and decolonization can be carried out preoperatively, potentially lowering the risk of periprosthetic joint infection.
6. The great waves of decolonization were just stirring; the few developing countries were seen as objects, not subjects, of history.
7. In the midcentury era of decolonization, which saw India become the world’s largest democracy.
8. We fought for decolonization.
9. The political changes of decolonization and national reintegration with China pose new challenges to the development of political education.
10. The aftermath of the Vietnam War and decolonization of former colonies held by the European great powers contributed to U.S. perceptions of the United Nations, he said.
11. S. tried to design a gradual way of decolonization for Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), but when the war ended Indonesian nationalist immediately established a strong republican regime.
12. This submerged everything, until in recent times it was in turn submerged in the bitter and prolonged conflicts of decolonization.
13. In some countries ideology is behind the move, in others, the consequences of decolonization.
14. The second distinguishing feature of the Arab world has been the longevity and intensity of the assorted tyrannies that have preyed on it since formal decolonization.
15. It is my further hope that this study will serve to enlighten the dominated cultures on their decolonization activities in the field of literary translation in the postcolonial context.
16. One of the United Nations’ earliest successes, in fact,[] was in promoting a largely peaceful process of decolonization.
17. The collapse of the British Empire, which Winston Churchill had vowed to defend at all costs, opened the way to worldwide decolonization.
18. And the traditional focus on "fidelity" in translation practices always prevents the Third World countries from the total decolonization .
19. To answer this question we must first understand the concept of decolonization.
20. It will take a long period of time for colonials to decolonize from psychological state even after they had realized decolonization in political meanings.
21. He returned to Harvard, majoring in the history and literature of France, spending a semester in Paris, and writing a thesis on urban space in Algiers during decolonization.
22. In many ways, what we have witnessed in Egypt today is the real decolonization of this country.
23. Europe is the Holocaust, but it is also the destruction of Nazism; it is the Gulag, but also the fall of the Wall; imperialism, but also decolonization; slavery, but also abolition.
24. After World War II, the position of the British Empire became perilous under the impact of the tide of nationalism and decolonization.
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