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Spurious in a sentence

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Sentence count:100+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-18Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: bastardlyinauthenticmisbegotmisbegottenspeciousunauthenticSimilar words: furiouscuriousfuriouslypenuriousseriousvariousnotoriousgloriousMeaning: ['spjʊrɪəs /-jʊər-]  adj. 1. plausible but false 2. born out of wedlock 3. intended to deceive. 
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1. He was arrested in 1979 on spurious corruption charges.
2. He demolished the Opposition's spurious arguments.
3. Williams interpolated much spurious matter.
4. He had managed to create the entirely spurious impression that the company was thriving.
5. There are some spurious lines in this ancient poem,(sentence dictionary) which were added later.
6. They set up a spurious temple that was a cover for sexual debauchery.
7. This authorisation could, of course, be spurious and be disguising condoned truancy.
8. A jury has rejected the spurious claim that the police created evidence.
9. Possibly the occasional spurious light ray causes a corresponding bad reading whose error is averaged out.
10. However, both arguments are spurious,( for there is a very loose connection between tense and time.
11. In some instances, I believe, spurious cases were cobbled together for propaganda purposes.
12. Another snag with optical fibre is spurious reflection inside the fibre.
13. Complete stopping-down, however, produces spurious interference effects at grain edges and reduces resolution.
14. Should they, then, be branded as spurious designators and banished from rational discourse?
15. Do not provide spurious sickness certificates: these prolong the illness.
16. Yet somehow that spurious report served its purpose in terms of giving labor unions a weapon to wield against business.
17. He listened to lengthy and completely spurious accounts by this modern-day alchemist of how his machine supposedly worked.
18. She couldn't be completely spurious; no-one could act a part like that.
19. Experiments involve a spurious association between the novel food and the illness which is usually induced chemically or by X-rays.
20. A spurious semicolon has lost its defiant power to separate life from death.
21. But for all the spurious emphasis on homogeneity, there are also moments when everyone becomes a gaijin, an outsider.
22. Mr Simon said he was not against taxes as such, "but I do object when taxation is justified on spurious or dishonest grounds," he says.
23. Some of the arguments in favour of shutting the factory are questionable and others downright spurious.
24. We now know that the strength of that original relationship contained a spurious component.
25. We must beware of the use of ethnicity to wrap a spurious cloak of legitimacy around the speaker who invokes it.
26. Although clearly an interim arrangement, this rump has claimed for itself a legitimacy that is altogether spurious.
27. This reduces the combinatorial explosion and decreases the potential for spurious overlaps through the co-incidence of alternative word senses.
28. As a label it conveys a sense of purpose and purveys an often spurious impression of coherence and integrity in working relationships.
29. It is sensitive to slight movements of the camera, subject or reference strip and will sometimes trigger spurious diagnostics.
30. A suitable form of wording could be devised to avoid the risk of inviting a flood of claims, spurious or genuine.
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