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Innuendo in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2016-12-15Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: insinuationSimilar words: fend offsend outvendorendorsedepend onsplendourat the end ofendowmentMeaning: [‚ɪnjuː'endəʊ]  n. an indirect (and usually malicious) implication. 
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1. The report was based on rumours, speculation, and innuendo.
2. The article is pure surmise and innuendo.
3. The song is full of sexual innuendo.
4. The dialogue was all filth and innuendo.
5. He had been subject to a campaign of innuendo in the press.
6. There's always an element of sexual innuendo in our conversations.
7. Still[], it makes for some interesting innuendo as he admits he has something the other girls haven't.
8. Clear as a bell, yet slithery with innuendo, it leaped like a deer, slipped like a snake.
9. After twenty years of gossip and innuendo was this going to be the one chance to clear his father's name?
10. You only need type the merest hint of innuendo into a search engine to come face to face with a porno advert.
11. The account relied more heavily on innuendo than bald statement but the message was clear.
12. Mark told by innuendo that the opposing team would lose the game.
13. If you attack him by innuendo, you will be sued for libel.
14. It involves many techniques of expression such as innuendo, pun, irony, euphony, allegory, hyperbole, and oblique references, etc.
15. In a society where manners mean discipline, innuendo is the preferred method of sexual engagement.
16. The prime minister has dismissed the allegations as smears and innuendo.
17. Slapdash weeklies at the supermarket checkout line move by the millions circulating gossip, lies, innuendo and scandal.
18. In the runoff campaign both candidates used negative campaign tactics, personal attack and innuendo.
19. The programme consists of an hour of sexist banter and innuendo.
20. The family is being torn apart by rumor and innuendo.
21. An apparently innocent statement may be defamatoried if it contains an innuendo.
22. It was during her performances in Kyoto that she also became known for her innovation: her nembutsu dance, in honor of the buddha Amida, tended to be known for its sultriness and sexual innuendo.
23. PG - 13 for a few naughty words and innuendo.
24. After all, I had learned how to lead parallel lives as a child: most of the time, I could shut out all the accusations and innuendo and go on with my work.
25. Journalists know that I like to say only the true without any innuendo.
26. Casanova (BBC One) stars Leslie Phillips as an attractive, charming man who almost always gets his way with women, and speaks largely in innuendo ("Do you happen to know the Ding-a-Ling Club?").
27. Madge Wildfire was not so absolutely void of common sense as not to understand this innuendo.
28. However what most people aren't aware of is that they are full of sexual innuendo and that they even contain the odd curse word.
29. Echo [ shouting in ecstasy, well aware of the sexual innuendo ]: " Come with me! "
30. By compounding his initial error, Warner now made any later explanation or clarification further fodder for the gristmill of innuendo, rumour and overt hostility.
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