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Initiator in a sentence

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Sentence count:109Posted:2017-02-23Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: initiateinitiativeinitialinitiallyvitiatedefinitivedefinitionconciliatoryMeaning: [ɪ'nɪʃɪeɪtə(r)]  n. a person who initiates a course of action. 
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(1) In Krashen's theory, acquisition is the grand initiator of messages and the prime mover in communication.
(2) Ever an initiator, Jo took the work out to a range of different audiences.
(3) Hugh, therefore, had been an initiator of the new policy even before its official promulgation.
(4) Government itself was rarely the active initiator in the move to criminalize immorality.
(5) I am Professor Challenger, initiator of the expedition, and you may speak freely to me.
(6) Enoch's name signified in the Hebrew, Initiate or Initiator.
(7) Accepts a security context created by the context initiator.
(8) He is the initiator of revising this dictionary.
(9) The initiator was potassium benzyl alcoholate.
(10) This paper discusses how iSCSI initiator implement on TOE.
(11) Uses: 1, Organic macromolecule industry: initiator for polymerization.
(12) Aim: Being the initiator of film and television conforming and popularizing concepts.
(13) DnaA, the replication initiator in the bacterium Escherichia coli, is monomeric in solution and oligomerizes upon binding to multiple initiator sites at a replication origin(5).
(14) Activated olefinic bond Amine, thiol radical initiator, cationic initiator, dienes ( Diels - alder reactive ).
(15) The influence of monomers, initiator, neutralizer, cosolvent and additive on coating properties has been discussed.
(16) This paper studied the influence of initiator and unsaturated vinyl monomers on the performance of polycarboxylic series of water-reducing agent.
(17) The processes involve the use of an initiator to initiate polymerization of vinylpyridine monomers in water.
(18) The two variables that have the most impact on successful democratic consolidation are prior regime type and the initiator of the transition.
(19) If that is so he might almost be considered the initiator of scholasticism with its dialectic method.
(20) An oxidant, ammonium persulfate(APS) and a reductant(, sodium metabisulfite(SMBS) constitute the initiator.
(21) For the sake of simplicity, no complex agent determination has been implemented in this sample, but rather the initiator of the material creation is also the approver.
(22) By parity of reasoning, viscosity and yield of the product P were determined in different initiator concentration, monomer concentration and monomer ratio.
(23) This IS the greatest achievement that all of you will work on in the months and years that are coming, and this time of the March Equinox will be the initiator of these experiences.
(24) Specifically disclosed is a photosensitive composition for volume hologram recording characterized by containing a photopolymerizable, volume-expandable compound and a photopolymerization initiator.
(25) Using the product as catalyst, the effects of temperature, time, initiator and regeneration time of catalyst on cyclohexane oxidation reaction were studied.
(26) Under the optimal conditions, little difference of the structure of capsules were observed when an oil-soluble initiator (AIBN) replaced KPS.
(27) The analysis shows that the degradation reaction of PP is caused by PP macro-radical, which is produced under the effects of the initiator DCP and the MAH.
(28) The main composition of the emulsion polymerization is monomer, water, and initiator.
(29) The title fluoro emulsion has been prepared at room temperature based on nonylphenolethoxyalte and perfluoro- ammonium octoate as hybrid emulsification system and redox system as initiator.
(30) Use: this product can be used as raw materials of organic synthesis, colourant and medicines, for instance, the initiator - dibenzoyl peroxide, pesticide and herbicide etc.
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