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Stuttering in a sentence

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1) His regrets was stuttering to me.
2) The pump was stuttering out water.
3) He was stuttering with rage.
4) The engine was stuttering and cutting out.
5) The clinical features are virtually indistinguishable from Stuttering.
6) Kline's mockery of Palin's stuttering in the movie was offensive.
7) The stuttering of the tiny granules in the air was like constant bird cries that kept our village awake all night.
8) The client's uncanny intrusion started the solicitor stuttering.
9) Stuttering almost uncontrollably , Billy rejects the idea.
10) Now I choose to found the Stuttering Foundation of China, this is because I am a stutterer and I know how stutterers and their families in China need this Foundation.
11) Construction Worker: [ stuttering ] I - I'd like to find one of them too, you know?
12) Stuttering has caused millions of people to agonize over this speech disorder.
13) Developmental stuttering is a popular speech disorder, about which there has been a hypothesis that laterality of brain speech function could be abnormal in stutterers.
14) What are you blathering about? - (STUTTERING ) The soup!
15) Stuttering can be a rare early manifestation in Japanese B encephalitis.
16) Stuttering is a form of speech disorder characterised by difficulty getting words out, and involves repetitions or prolongations of sounds.
17) Psychogenetic stuttering begins in the area of the brain that controls thoughts and reasoning. It's most commonly associated with mental illness.
18) I don't know whether it was because the stuttering made me self-abasement, or maybe it was just because I did understand the importance of studying hard and got into a famous university.
19) Treat correctly handle the stuttering and children in diseases such as astrictive stuttering, mostly because of infant's or mental stress, the boy suddenly about 4 percent, approximately 2 girls.
20) He had to stop talking because if he'd kept on, the stuttering would have started.
21) It capped off a phenomenal year for Firth, who won practically every award out there for playing George VI's attempts to overcome his stuttering before he assumes the throne of England.
22) Bursts of vicious guitar abuse, chattering electronics and blurty synths weave over stuttering, semi-metronomic percussives.
23) This variant predicts the substitution of lysine at a glutamic acid residue, which is conserved across species, and showed the clearest evidence of cosegregation with stuttering in Family PKST72.
24) In demystifying the little-understood speech impediment, the award-winning film reveals myths and fascinating truths about stuttering, and has won praise from stutterers of all ages.
25) Michael : My English teacher said I was a rude dude because I made fun of a stuttering kid with a speech disorder.
26) The five attitudes, such as imperfection, emptiness, crookedness, clumsiness, and stuttering have a common character. They are modest, self-effacement, self-restraint and following-up.
27) If Dr Fox goes, and the sheer scale of his blunder suggests he may have to,( stuttering defence reform will be a bigger problem for Mr Cameron than rabble-rousing in the ranks.
28) Take the last five years, for example. In 2005, for many, online video was a balky, stuttering, frustrating experience.
29) This article introduces foreign studies on linguistic factors in predicting stuttering loci from the perspectives of initial sound, stress, word class and syntax.
30) Boris is rubbing his hands one abundance time . Mr. Wren is yet stuttering and spluttering.
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