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Emancipate in a sentence

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Sentence count:45Posted:2017-02-23Updated:2017-02-23
Synonym: deliverfreeliberatereleaserescuesaveSimilar words: emancipationanticipateparticipateprincipalprincipalityparticipationdissipateemanateMeaning: [ɪ'mænsɪpeɪt] v. 1. give equal rights to; of women and minorities 2. free from slavery or servitude. 
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1. Emancipate urself from ur past. The only way to move forward is to stop looking back!
2. We live in more emancipated times.
3. Catholics were emancipated in 1792.
4. That war preserved the Union and emancipated the slaves.
5. Women are still struggling to be fully emancipated.
6. Slaves were not emancipated until 1863 in the United States.
7. Lincoln insisted that the slaves should be emancipated.
8. Women have not yet been emancipated from all the inequalities of the past.
9. When we decide to do so, we can emancipate the black child from the ghetto and render justice in the workplace.
10. Even the man credited with emancipating the slaves thanked this social entrepreneur for leading the way.
11. The justices were no more able to emancipate Dred Scott than they were able to emancipate themselves.
12. And the freedom of the emancipated slave was relative rather than absolute.
13. During the Civil War, he aided newly emancipated slaves.
14. The country had been emancipated from thirteen years of middle-level Conservative rule of reasonable efficiency, modest dynamism but small-power idealism.
15. Are women now fully emancipated ?
16. Slaves were emancipated in 1834.
17. She is an emancipated woman.
18. We must overcome superstitions and emancipate the mind.
19. And fundamentally, is to emancipate the mind,(sentence dictionary) the liberation of productive forces.
20. How to emancipate the mind, the scientific progress three aspects to make the explanation.
21. All these, with emancipate the mind to be inseparable.
22. This new machine will emancipate us from all the hand work we once had to do.
23. Not only should proletarians emancipate themselves but also the whole mankind.
24. Veteran comrades must emancipate their minds.
25. The twenties and sixties are often regarded as the most emancipated decades.
26. The proportion of highly placed advisers who had nothing to lose if serfs were emancipated would accordingly diminish.
27. It was to be a shield of freedom to protect the emancipated slave against abuses from the states.
28. We had to arouse them to carry out land reform and emancipate themselves.
29. Power is the shackle to shackle itself while love is the emancipator to emancipate itself.
30. To expand the development path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, we must further emancipate our minds.
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