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Secession in a sentence

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Sentence count:59Posted:2016-12-21Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: SecessionsezessionwithdrawalSimilar words: recessionconcessionnecessityrecessivesessionprofessionconfessionimpressionMeaning: [sɪ'seʃn]  n. 1. an Austrian school of art and architecture parallel to the French art nouveau in the 1890s 2. the withdrawal of eleven southern states from the Union in 1860 which precipitated the American Civil War 3. formal separation from an alliance or federation. 
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1. Did it lead to secession and the Civil War?
2. Anton von Werner, chief Secession opponent, was not an anti-semite.
3. The 1900 Secession exhibition was significantly international, but still included only a minority of avant-garde paintings.
4. At first, the Soviets refused to accept Lithuania's secession as an accomplished fact.
5. It was southern secession that precipitated emancipation and an end to federal support of slavery.
6. They want secession from the union, not a new treaty binding them into it.
7. South Carolina led the way, declaring for secession on December 20, i86o.
8. A vote in favour of secession would be carried subject to a two-thirds majority of the republic's total electorate.
9. State law requires secession support by a majority of voters citywide and in the Valley before a breakaway can be completed.
10. Last month the Southern party, which advocates secession, won its first mayoral victory, in a village in Alabama.
11. More recently, the threat of Quebec's secession confronted the country with the very real possibility of political breakup.
12. Nevertheless, no sovereign State can tolerate secession.
13. Your days of secession are numbered black brothers.
14. The secession of some southern states from the USA in the 1860s led to the civil war.
15. Buthelezi for his part warned that Kwazulu would consider secession if constitutional negotiations did not guarantee adequate self-determination in a federal structure.
16. The daily papers teemed with the dreary records of secession....
17. He fought against the United Nations troops in the attempted Katangese secession of nineteen sixty to sixty-two.
18. Even after that, there would be a long series of hurdles for any secession proposal.
19. The representatives of national groups increasingly demanded the right of autonomy, of self-government, if not outright secession.
20. The measure, which becomes law Jan. 1, no longer allows a city council to unilaterally veto a secession proposal.
21. This time he can not just send in the army to take out Podgorica, because there is no secession under way.
22. But some staff members have at one point expressed sympathy for a Valley secession.
23. OnJune 10 the era of Asbury and his dream of a united church ended with this beginning of secession by Southerners.
23. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
24. The fete was attended mostly by visitors from Northern states, because many residents supported the South on the secession issue.
25. It was the lack of democracy and equality which impelled the oppressed to fight for secession.
26. Other officials expressed concern that the proposed mechanism might actually prove to make secession impossible in practice.
27. In the south the enforcement of a no-fly zone by western aircraft has raised the possibility of a Shia secession.
28. The UNFC calls for the emergence of a federal union. The current Burmese regime has been staunchly opposed to federalism, saying it is secession in disguise.
29. This, they feel, may lay the groundwork for financial independence and secession.
30. The first was the Imperium's bloody-minded refusal to die beneath the weight of heresy, secession, alien aggres?sion and daemonancy.
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