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Scrawny in a sentence

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Sentence count:44Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: bonygauntlankyleanskinnysparethinSimilar words: scrawlscrawledcrawlcrawlingscrapscrapescratchscrabbleMeaning: adj. 1. being very thin 2. inferior in size or quality. 
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1. There were a few scrawny chickens in the yard.
2. He had long scrawny fingers.
3. A few scrawny chickens were scratching around the yard.
4. a scrawny old woman.
5. He looks much too skinny / scrawny to be a weight - lifter.
6. The most you will see is a scrawny arm waving desperately from between the bars.
7. His scrawny body was naked except for a loincloth and the tattered remains of a jerkin.
8. He was a scrawny, chicken-necked sack of bones, but in spite of his handicap he moved faster than the others.
9. To top this unprepossessing appearance was a thin, scrawny neck which seemed only just to support the weight of his head.
10. He pointed to a fresh cut on a scrawny root sticking up through the dust.
11. A few scrawny chickens were searching for scraps of food in the dry earth.
12. From outside-we see this scrawny bloke in the frame of the doorway, in his grey underpants.
13. Last time I saw him he was a scrawny kid in Levi's and a dirty T-shirt.
14. The scrawny swarthy-skinned kid in the mirror blinked back at him.
15. We had a lot of scrawny veterans and their scrawny wives for friends.
16. And another construction worker is and scrawny.
17. And another construction worker is small and scrawny.
18. The vulture extended his scrawny neck.
19. He came home after three months at college looking terribly scrawny.
20. Above them, tied to a thorn tree[], faded red and white streamers dangle like the tattered carcasses of scrawny birds.
21. He also said Hannah who was born 8 weeks early was an extremely small, scrawny baby.
22. Nice? she wanted to scream, wanted to grab those scrawny arms in that cheap white dress and demand, Nice?
23. Executives point to increased regulatory pressures as well as scrawny profit margins on underwriting new state and local government issues.
24. He'd always been inclined to thinness but now he looked scrawny,( and much older.
25. Beside her the pathetic corpse of the servant, the garotte cord still round his scrawny neck.
26. The trees on this bog were bonsai-like black spruce, red maple, and occasional scrawny larch covered with lichens.
27. The speedway turns are to compensate for his not decking the man on the spot and cutting his scrawny throat.
28. She felt to hug him but was afraid to hurt; like a fragile bird, this new scrawny Rab.
29. It was a family gift, his mad Uncle Jimmy had told him when he was but a scrawny sprog.
30. Lily wants a beefcake for a boyfriend and not some scrawny shrimp.
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