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Predisposed in a sentence

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Similar words: predispositionopposedproposedsupposedlytransposebe supposed topredictdiscreditMeaning: [‚prɪːdɪ'spəʊz]  adj. made susceptible. 
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1 His early training predisposed him to a life of adventure.
2 His lifestyle predisposed him to high blood pressure.
3 The inhabitants are predisposed to rheumatism by the damp climate.
4 Certain people may be predisposed to mental illness.
5 Her good mood predisposed her to enjoy the play.
6 Some people are genetically predisposed to diabetes.
7 He believes that some people are predisposed to criminal behaviour.
8 The president is predisposed towards negotiation and favours a peaceful way of resolving the crisis.
9 And their education and trailing had predisposed them to hard work.
10 We are predisposed towards unitary authorities.
11 Hence they were predisposed to secure contracts under the state scheme which preserved their freedom.
12 I was predisposed not to like him; maybe he sensed this.
13 People with predisposed opinions about how their website should look can often have a hard time playing the give-and-take game with their ideas.
14 The novel predisposed him to become a novelist.
15 People are far more predisposed to making contact with each other than social conventions allow.
16 As a result,( those individuals who might be predisposed to aggression were the most sensitive to changes in serotonin depletion.
17 A plausible possibility is the existence of a predisposed subset of individuals with impaired ability to clear aluminium from the deltoid muscle.
18 Perhaps it's genetically predisposed or a result of gender - biased education.
19 Researchers have discovered that the children of these patients are genetically predisposed to cancer.
20 The theory states that individuals possess certain characteristics so that they are predisposed to act in a certain way within a given situation.
21 The natural impulses of mankind were for happiness[], and we were predisposed to love one another and love peace.
22 Such individuals, as in patients who have undergone splenectomy are predisposed to infections and overwhelming sepsis.
23 The twentysomethings of the X generation may be more predisposed to quitting a job and drifting.
24 With hindsight I can see that I was already predisposed, given the right circumstances, to become anorexic.
25 The researchers cautioned that the study only predicts the likelihood that a child will be predisposed to physical prowess.
26 That corresponds to studies of humans, which finds 10 percent to 20 percent predisposed to shyness at birth.
27 This reduces social and historical circumstances to modifying influences on a cognitive structure predisposed to differentiation and even discrimination.
28 It is of great importance to recognize patients who are predisposed to narrow - angle glaucoma.
29 It has been suggested that there might be a predisposed subset of individuals with impaired ability to clear aluminium from the deltoid muscle.
30 Systemic use of the anti - muscarinic agents can also precipitate glaucoma in such predisposed patients.
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