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Postmodern in a sentence

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Sentence count:68Posted:2016-11-13Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: post mortempostmortemmodernmoderatelast monthmodemodelmodestMeaning: [‚pəʊst'mɑdərn /-'mɒdn]  adj. of or relating to postmodernism. 
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1. In other words, we are in a postmodern novel.
2. The same can be said of the postmodern discovery that the universe is expanding.
3. Similarly, postmodern culture is also seen as highly diverse and mass produced.
4. The latter constitute an emergent postmodern transformation based on the resurgent realities of body, nature, and place.
5. In what follows I shall claim that postmodern cultural forms do indeed signify, only that they signify differently.
6. Making sense of his status as a postmodern social icon is as difficult as understanding his posthumous deification by millions of fans.
7. In literary criticism, the idea of the postmodern has scarcely taken hold at all.
8. Postmodern psychotherapy, in contradistinction, could no longer speak in terms of such differentiation.
8. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
9. The postmodern descendants of the Organization Man are not victims, after all, but pioneers.
10. What could be more postmodern than probing the hitherto sacrosanct inner workings of science?
11. Here the shift from a modern to a postmodern context becomes hermeneutically significant.
12. If this situation epitomizes the postmodern world, then theologians may hope once again to become serious participants in the cultural conversation.
13. This shift to figural and postmodern films has also taken place in art cinema.
14. Jean-Francois Lyotard, for one, prefers to see the postmodern as a continuing possibility arising out of the modern.
15. A true hypertext expression for the postmodern age.
16. These foreshow the arrival of the postmodern period.
17. There have been many different views towards postmodern social psychology since it was advanced by K · J · Gergen.
18. In the meantime, a postmodern science paradigm, based on organism, indeterminacy, chaos, complexity and entropy, began to take form.
19. A postmodern approach from a different premise than both libertarianism and the socialism. Postmodernism is holistic.
20. The reworking of another artist's work-by appropriation or erasure-has been identified as a postmodern preoccupation.
21. If we define the modern in this way, the postmodern begins wherever foundationalist certainty ends.
22. Perhaps the upwardly mobile middle classes in 1990s Detroit are now surrounding themselves with postmodern houses and artefacts!
23. So if one picks fourth-wall busting as the decisive criterion, the first big sitcom was also the first postmodern sitcom.
24. Like all those whose needs are not being met over the long term, postmodern children and adolescents are feeling victimized.
25. Does the concept of fideism have any coherent and legitimate use in a postmodern world?
26. Havel, an intellectual with many contacts in the West, is conversant with various analyses of modern and postmodern conditions.
27. This distinction is useful in the consideration of contemporary postmodern culture.
28. Postmodern realism reflects the tendency of the development of postmodernism.
29. Courses defined by SDA but taught by other departments, e.g. Postmodern and Hermeneutic philosophy.
30. Therefore it has the academic value to clarify Jameson's postmodern theory.
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