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Frenetic in a sentence

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Synonym: franticfrenziedphreneticSimilar words: geneticmagneticenergeticat one timeFrenchrenewawarenessrenewableMeaning: [frə'netɪk]  adj. excessively agitated; transported with rage or other violent emotion. 
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(1) After weeks of frenetic activity, the job was finally finished.
(2) It generated much excitement and frenetic activity.
(3) There was frenetic trading on the Stock Exchange yesterday.
(4) She rushes from job to job at a frenetic pace.
(5) Every frenetic gesture engendered tenderness in hir heart.
(6) She wondered if during that last frenetic occasion when she had seen Sylvie there had already been a premonition of the end.
(7) This elevation of feeling, found in passionate, frenetic gestures and embellished, emotional language, supplies the persuasive element.
(8) His hands windmill in a frenetic semaphore and his body shifts in ceaseless motion, with a life of its own.
(9) Even as I battled my fears with frenetic bursts of activity, whenever I slowed down I knew I was unprepared.
(10) If we have only rapid successions of frenetic emotive surges, it is obvious that a short piece will result.
(11) It was intended to cover the whole frenetic new scene and the people who were making it.
(12) He was seventy and continually engaged in frenetic schemes to bolster up his old age.
(13) As competition shifts towards a more frenetic pace of activity[Sentencedict], so the need to clear the cash balances speedily increases.
(14) I do not agree with this frenetic trend to hurry children toward paper-and-pencil drills and skills.
(15) The conclusion of the book somewhat frenetic.
(16) Frenetic screams followed the accident.
(17) I therefore plunged into a frenetic period of intense diplomacy.
(18) It is a frenetic, technology - driven world of which few ordinary investors are even aware.
(19) By contrast Mr McCain's initial reactions were frenetic and contradictory.
(20) Thus frenetic diplomacy in New York and in the Middle East is likely to continue.
(21) If the concrete were to stop pouring-because of a blockage in the pipe, for example-the already hyperactive melee would become frenetic.
(22) The President lived at a somewhat more leisurely pace, as was the intended result of the frenetic activity of his aides.
(23) Just about everyone hoped they would disappear without trace when that tide ebbed and frenetic buying and selling ground to a halt.
(24) He rode to fame on the mambo and cha-cha craze of the Eisenhower years, dazzling audiences with his frenetic riffs.
(25) There had been warm and even excited applause for other concerts they had been in, but this was frenetic.
(26) I would expect there would be less mergers and acquisitions work going forward, which has been pretty frenetic.
(27) His expressions range from that of a contented Cheshire Cat, to a somewhat frenetic frown.
(28) A nightly news programme, involving late inclusions and enforced changes in running order, is bound to be frenetic.
(29) Many of us go to workplaces rife with dissatisfactions, unrealistic expectations and frenetic changes.
(30) Save the ailing family store from mega-corporate shopping competition in this frenetic Time Management game!
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