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Republicanism in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2016-11-18Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: Republicanrepublicpublicationpublicin publicpubliclypublicitypublic goodMeaning: [rɪ'pʌblɪkənɪzm]  n. the political orientation of those who hold that a republic is the best form of government. 
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1. Moderate Republicanism appeared to strike exactly the right note with the voters .
2. These men exemplify Main Street Republicanism.
3. The region is a bastion of right-wing Republicanism.
4. For Labour to be tagged with republicanism would still lose votes.
5. As civic republicanism asserts, the individual can exert a meaningful existence within society in the public realm.
6. Republicanism was a gathering storm at a time when the monarchy seemed an expensive irrelevance to the questions of the day.
7. The new Republicanism is a world away from the old pragmatism of the two senators.
8. Constitutionalism quality was added in republicanism idea.
9. Republicanism and patriotism is keynote of his thoughts.
10. Here is a stronghold of republicanism.
11. His republicanism is empirical and realistic.
12. Through the controversies, constitutional monarchy and republicanism formed obvious opposition and the republicanism spread widely.
13. The understanding of Roman classical republicanism is the key way to master American constitutional republicanism.
14. But in the trouble of republican government, republicanism encountered the threat of monarchic thought.
15. A responsible government is related to republicanism, democracy, constitutionalism, and ruling of rule in value.
16. We can say that her republicanism political view is based on civic culture of positive participation.
17. From 1840, Chinese reformist formed the cognition about republicanism during their observation of western political systems.
18. There are many improper remarks on republicanism in Will Kymlicka's Contemporary Political Philosophy.
19. But if republicanism is to survive in Britain it needs to get over such knee-jerk reactions and recognise the visual cunning that is monarchy's secret weapon.
20. Therefore, classical republicanism doctrine has far - reaching and meaningful constitutionalism value.
21. In the latter of 20 century, republicanism was rejuvenated again with the efforts of Quentin Skinner.
22. Though he has flipped and flopped on many issues, he has stuck to beliefs typical of farm-belt Republicanism.
23. This could be Pat Buchanan, beating the drum of working-class Republicanism.
24. However the Republic did not solve any constitutional problem but become centralized step by step . It was separatists' dictatorship under the cloak of republicanism .
25. Liberal citizenship is a passive shaping of the citizen image, while republicanism is in contrast to shape the image of active citizenship.
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26. Secondly, the poverty of the thoughts of absolute monarchic powers and the rise of nationalism offered the advantage for the spreading of republicanism.
27. After the war of China - Japan in 1894, republicanism was accepted and spread by the revolutionary.
28. Thus Jefferson's conception of the ward system eventually evolved into the institutional preservation of Jeffersonian republicanism.
29. The paper is a reflection on the four views currently prevalent in the West concerning citizen education: liberalism, republicanism , communalism, and pluralism.
30. He was a tireless advocate of supply-side economics: the man who persuaded Ronald Reagan to abandon deficit-hawk Republicanism in favour of aggressive tax cuts.
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