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Vanish in a sentence

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Synonym: disappearfadego awayperishAntonym: appearSimilar words: Spanishorganismpunishmechanismdiminishfinish upfinish withvanMeaning: ['vænɪʃ]  v. 1. get lost, as without warning or explanation 2. become invisible or unnoticeable 3. pass away rapidly 4. cease to exist 5. decrease rapidly and disappear. 
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1 But the old ways do not vanish overnight, so the traditional dance has a stronger pull on their hearts.
2 We watched the building vanish under a mantle of thick grey smoke as the fire swiftly moved through it.
3 All your troubles will vanish away when he returns safely.
4 Any chance of success seemed to vanish in a puff of smoke .
5 At a stroke she could make things vanish into thin air.
6 How can an entire house vanish without a trace.
7 The leaders' mission will vanish like a mirage.
8 Energy seems to vanish and re-emerge in dramatic swings.
9 Persons can vanish utterly from sight for these reasons.
10 And during peak demand,( discounts can vanish.
11 To make things vanish you threw them in the air then cooked and ate them.
12 One by one its small relatives vanish, black specks which trick the eye, then are no more.
13 The 1982-83 policies made the global recession vanish almost instantly.
14 Three or four shooters would vanish completely, leaving scant traces of their affiliation.
15 It has been my philosophy of life that difficulties vanish when faced boldly.
16 With a wave of his hand,( the magician made the rabbit vanish.
17 Once into the southern hemisphere the lines of latitude would become shorter and finally vanish at the south pole.
18 If we get out, we just tag along behind you until you get home, and we vanish.
19 Once it began it would go on for days, and then as inexplicably vanish.
20 Its accumulated knowledge will decay and the order it has imposed will vanish.
21 If she reached out to touch him, would he vanish like a ghost?
22 If he saves the world too often, he will vanish completely.
23 I feel an extremely intimate oneness with the universe and all physical aspects vanish....
24 The atom is there and when short-term oil surpluses vanish there will be pressure to build more nuclear power stations.
25 Occasionally a car would pass, fix him like a moth in its headlights, and then vanish.
26 And, soon, like water sprinkled on hot desert ground, my savings would vanish.
27 At first, bookings will be few, then they will increase, and after the flight date the record will vanish.
28 But in spite of their hardness they seemed to vanish in no time.
29 Denied anger has to go somewhere; it can not simply vanish into the air.
30 These actions cause the eye, beak and face to vanish beneath the shaggy white ruff.
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