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Ransack in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2017-03-14Updated:2017-03-14
Synonym: foragelootpillageplunderraidriflerummagesearchSimilar words: transactiontransatlanticsackknapsackhit the sackransomtransittransmitMeaning: ['rænsæk]  v. 1. steal goods; take as spoils 2. search thoroughly. 
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1. I ransacked the house looking for my purse.
2. They ransacked the whole classroom for their basketball.
3. The burglars ransacked the house but found nothing valuable.
4. The whole flat had been ransacked.
5. I've ransacked the house for those papers, but I can't find them.
6. She ransacked the wardrobe for something to wear.
7. The house had been ransacked by burglars.
8. I ransacked the cupboard for my ski boots.
9. Invaders from the south ransacked the town.
10. Three robbers ransacked the bank in twenty-five minutes.
11. Demonstrators ransacked and burned the house where he was staying.
12. Thieves ransacked the office, taking a sack of loose change.
13. Burglars ransacked the stately home.
14. They blew up trains, ransacked upper-caste homes and carried out a series of kidnappings and murders.
15. Rioters ransacked the shops.
16. At the Model school burglars ransacked the music centre after forcing open the main door.
17. She was for ever running to ransack her crowded dresser drawers, rummaging in her sewing box as she made high-pitched excited noises.
18. To ransack or plunder; pillage.
19. She ransack my apartment for the bankbook.
20. To search or examine thoroughly; ransack.
21. He began to ransack his tutor's desk for a piece of wax, or twine, necessary to his work.
22. Companies suspect China of organising mini-raids to ransack Western know-how: but it could just have easily been Western criminals[], computer-hackers showing off or disillusioned former employees.
23. My girlfriend is angry mad, ransack boxes and chests finds out a dish mosquito - repellent incense comes.
24. Cui Zhen fact appeals to police ransack nitty-gritty , but at job of no help.
25. Some also fear that he will ransack Volvo's intellectual property to boost Geely's less sophisticated cars.
26. He will ransack sea and land to feed them: He will send every angel out of heaven to succor them if their distress requires it.
27. At about 5 a.m. they struck again in Fetcham(, tying up a couple and ransacking their house.
28. And while Mr Stevens's bride was keeping a round-the-clock at his hospital bedside, burglars ransacked their home.
29. From Augustus to Peter the Great, the history books were ransacked to find suitable comparisons.
30. He and his minions broke open the 81 seals that divided the Mortal plane from the Demon plane, allowing them access to the mortal world, which they cheerfully began to ransack.
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