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Proton in a sentence

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Similar words: protocolproteinprotestprotractedprotectionprotectiveprotect frommonotonousMeaning: ['prəʊtɑn /-tɒn]  n. a stable particle with positive charge equal to the negative charge of an electron. 
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1. An electron has a negative charge, a proton has a positive charge.
2. A proton is an elementary particle of matter.
3. The nucleus of a deuterium atom contains a proton and a neutron.
4. A neutron decays into a proton, electron and neutrino.
5. The mass of the proton is 1836 times that of an electron, yet their electrical charges equate.
6. Proton concentrations for each sample were then calculated from the hydrogen ion activity and the combined sodium and potassium concentrations.
7. The proton has positive electrical charge, the neutron has none.
8. A proton contains two up quarks and one down quark; a neutron contains two down and one up.
9. Proton magnetometers are also susceptible to interference from overhead cables.
10. Both were launched by separate Proton boosters in June of 1983.
11. In atomic physics they are represented as Proton, Neutron, Electron, the three elements of all structure throughout nature.
12. Proton magnetometers are usually employed using a grid divided into squares 1 m to 3 m on a side.
13. OK, atomic hydrogen, one proton, one electron.
14. WHAT will become of Proton, Malaysia's struggling carmaker?
15. Single proton has no quant of information. Why?
16. Does the proton finally come to rest?
17. Proton accelerator is the most advanced radiotherapy equipment.
18. That's a proton collision played on marimba.
19. Diphenylmethane would have a two proton peak.
20. Suggest metabolites for the proton pump inhibitor Omeprazole.
21. Resting potential; Action potential; Proton; Membrane potential.
22. It is another exothermic contributor to the proton - proton cycle.
23. This flyby mission could be flown on the reliable Proton booster and could be done quickly.
24. The calculations by Frank and the Soviet theoreticians had dealt with the fusion of proton and deuterium or of two deuterium nuclei.
25. It was expected that a similar equation would govern the proton, the only other supposedly elementary particle known at that time.
26. The mean distance of the electron from the central proton defines the atom's size.
27. This new weak current had also to be electrically charged because in beta decay the neutral neutron turns into a positive proton.
28. This absence of evidence translates into a lower limit for the proton lifetime of 6.5 x 10 31 years.
29. The neutrino is produced in the beta decay of nuclei, when a neutron converts into a proton, and an electron.
30. An experiment of the type we are considering is conducted with a large batch of proton pairs.
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