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Dichotomy in a sentence

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Sentence count:81Posted:2016-08-20Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: dualitySimilar words: photophotographeach otherphotographerphotographywhichsandwicheconomyMeaning: [daɪ'kɒtəmɪ]  n. being twofold; a classification into two opposed parts or subclasses. 
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1. There is a dichotomy between the academic world and the industrial world.
2. There is often a dichotomy between what politicians say and what they do.
3. The value of such a simple dichotomy is questionable.
4. The recent trend is to de-emphasize the classical dichotomy.
5. And what of the masculine/feminine dichotomy?
6. This dichotomy is not really physically consistent.
7. The dichotomy between private and public sector is not so clear cut as it may appear.
8. Is there really a dichotomy of interests between the two?
9. This line of development underlines the base/superstructure dichotomy and reduces consciousness to a simple reflection of the material base of society.
10. The literature throws into sharp relief the essential dichotomy in the approach to this issue between economics and economic history.
11. The artist is concerned with the dichotomy between the way something appears and reality.
12. The dichotomy between rights and privileges provides a clear example of this.
13. The former branch of this first dichotomy takes written language at once into a mode which speakers seldom use.
14. At the same time, Lightman struggles with the dichotomy between his interests.
15. This is the dichotomy that must be used to form a framework within which any curriculum change must be placed.
16. This dichotomy had less to do with national character than with propinquity.
17. Rather than being a dichotomy between the two,[] there may be a continuum.
18. One is that the normal / abnormal dichotomy and the categories of mental illness are pretty useless.
19. But this dichotomy is, itself, a great deal of the trouble in St Ann's.
20. An image that captures the dichotomy of possibilities in getting older is the plum versus the prune.
21. A dichotomy between organic and non-organic failure to thrive has developed, but this is often an oversimplification of the clinical picture.
22. It continues the gender dichotomy of men as mind, women as body.
23. To understand brain and behaviour means rejecting that dichotomy and instead trying to interpret the intertwined dialectic of specificity and plasticity.
24. The unification of the mind is far greater than the resolving of the dichotomy alone.
25. One importance of the continuum is that it is a more precise form of categorisation than the simple dichotomy.
26. There are, as always, certain complications to this simple dichotomy.
27. But there lay buried beneath this theory an unexamined dichotomy.
28. The search for certainty of this sort requires that one side of a dichotomy be privileged while its other is denigrated.
29. All psychiatric problems are brain problems, and the psychiatrists are changing their classification scheme to try and avoid that cartesian dichotomy.
30. Put simply, they believe aid fails due to the dichotomy between theory at a distance and practical reality at the local level.
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