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Profligacy in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2016-12-12Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: legacythe cost of livingflightalligatorhooliganoligarchyobligationdue process of lawMeaning: ['prɑflɪgəsɪ /'prɒf-]  n. 1. the trait of spending extravagantly 2. dissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure. 
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1. The profligacy of the West shocked him.
2. Profligacy, sloth, licentiousness, gluttony, pride.
3. But public profligacy cannot last for ever.
4. Recession, they reason a penance for past profligacy.
4. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
5. There was tut - tutting about American profligacy.
6. Lovelace was a pattern of male profligacy and influenced the literature of the time, particularly Russian - we owe Raskolnikov to Lovelace.
7. Thanks to Greek profligacy, German intransigency and Kim-Il-Jong's lunacy, we have U.S. bond buyers that are no longer rational investors.
8. That said, US fiscal profligacy will push the dollar risk premium higher over time.
9. Profligacy is the new prudence. But in Asia, where saving has long been a self-evident virtue, that message has yet to catch on.
10. All this may seem like an incitement to profligacy, consistent with Keynes's rather bohemian private life as a charter member of the Cambridge Apostles and the Bloomsbury group.
11. Germany and the other better-off countries blame the profligacy of Greece, Portugal and Italy and fear that an early bailout would relieve pressure on them to mend their ways.
12. Today , however , household profligacy, which underpins much of the other debt, has been the problem.
13. But United punished them for their early profligacy in the most clinical of fashion.
14. By hook or by crook, football is being called to account for the years of profligacy.
15. In practice, they so mistrust the secrecy and alleged profligacy of Central Office that they refuse to shell out.
16. But the public continues to equate new public spending with profligacy and corruption. 10.
17. Within a decade we were back to our old ways of profligacy and profit, confident that the expansion would continue unabated.
18. The industry became a byword for mendacity, secrecy and profligacy with taxpayers' money.
19. Subsequently, this statement was quoted widely in the colony as an evidence of profligacy.
20. The ruling Party's propagandists in Beijing have been working overtime, huffily putting out statements bashing the United States for its fiscal profligacy and economic sloth.
21. Recession, they reason, must be a penance for past profligacy.
22. In the desert all around are the lush golf courses and artificial pools squandering a finite, life-giving commodity, offering a kind of gleeful profligacy to those willing to pay.
23. Hardest of all will be finding the political will to curb profligacy.
24. German officials have argued that any open-ended commitment to joint liabilities would encourage errant governments to profligacy, violate Germany's constitution and raise its borrowing costs.
25. You intend to fill up the cup of disobedience and profligacy a low and disgraceful marriage?
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