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Precaution in a sentence

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Synonym: forewarningnotificationSimilar words: appreciationprecipitationprecariousconstitutional conventionsolutionpollutionexecutionevolutionMeaning: [prɪ'kɔːʃn]  n. 1. a precautionary measure warding off impending danger or damage or injury etc. 2. the trait of practicing caution in advance 3. judiciousness in avoiding harm or danger. 
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31. It follows that careful monitoring of patients for their susceptibility to depression before prescribing mood-altering drugs would be a wise precaution.
32. It is probably a wise precaution in view of allegations that the couple stole billions of dollars from their country.
33. That, thought Dalgliesh, would point to premeditation, or to the instinctive precaution of a knowledgeable expert.
34. This identification was emphasized in 1483 when Gloucester took the precaution of arresting lord Stanley as a prelude to his usurpation.
35. As a precaution, I taped plastic sheeting over both seats, in case he got restless on his perch.
36. It was assumed that he would not bat, if only as a precaution, but out he came.
37. But as a precaution it has suspended all its funds, until an investigation pinpoints the root of the problem.
38. It is a wise precaution to meet new clients, rather than to deal with them over the telephone or by correspondence.
39. As a precaution, Lotus will include some of the new tricks in its 1-2-3 for Windows this summer.
40. It was a precaution in case any of them were injured, or killed, and weren't carrying any formal identification.
41. As a precaution they recently released 40 of their hostages, in case they were carrying the disease.
42. Again, professional financial advice on the advantages and disadvantages of this form of borrowing seems a sensible precaution against financial embarrassment.
43. Your son-in-law and his boss may have taken this precaution, but can his wife believe his word?
44. The home-run fence at Southcrest Park has been taken down and replaced by orange cones, ostensibly as a safety precaution.
45. Her idea was to have a first-aid kit in the catering department as an essential safety precaution.
46. Engineering crews were checking the Seattle area's many bridges for damage and some were closed as a precaution.
47. As a precaution they had both been admitted to hospital, but Sean Walsh had driven up and got Benny discharged.
48. Every precaution will be taken to enforce regulations, traceability and labelling.
49. So the simple precaution of avoiding housing cattle alongside lambing ewes could be well worthwhile this spring.
50. Egerton went(Sentence dictionary), taking the very sensible precaution of asking Mickey Skinner along as a bodyguard.
51. We paddled out another hundred yards just as a precaution.
52. This time I had taken the precaution of tipping off the organizers in advance and swearing them to silence.
53. As an additional precaution, you should stand the tray on newspaper.
54. It was lucky that we took the precaution of setting extra anchors.
55. The area was cleared of traffic as a safety precaution.
56. When interviewing is employed, the use of multiple independent interviewers is a sensible precaution.
57. Precaution here looks like an unacceptable barrier to legitimate business, whatever the scientific warning signals may be.
58. Until recently it was generally recommended as a precaution against infection.
59. Even so, it set up a security precaution that had occurred to me when I'd seen the cylinder.
60. It is a precaution against the guest's departing early the following morning without paying the bill. 2.
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