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Manufacture in a sentence

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Synonym: buildcomposeconstructcreatedeviseerectfabricatefashioninventmakeprepareSimilar words: manufacturermanufacturingfracturelecturepicturestructureconjecturearchitectureMeaning: [mænə'fæktʃer /'mænjʊ'fæktʃe] n. 1. the organized action of making of goods and services for sale 2. the act of making something (a product) from raw materials. v. 1. put together out of components or parts 2. make up something artificial or untrue. 
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1. Plastic is a very important manufacture.
2. They manufacture the class of plastics known as thermoplastic materials.
3. Plants use the sun's light to manufacture their food.
4. They commenced large-scale commercial manufacture of the chairs in January.
5. If the media can manufacture stories like this, who are we supposed to believe?
6. They can manufacture rags into paper.
7. What is the date of manufacture?
8. Organic chemicals are used in the manufacture of plastics, fibres, solvents and paints.
8. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
9. Nitrates are used as preservatives in food manufacture.
10. The finished article takes two months to manufacture.
11. This method of manufacture evolved out of a long process of trial.
12. Cost will determine the methods of manufacture.
13. In design and quality of manufacture the cars were totally outclassed by their Italian competitors.
14. Plastic is an important manufacture.
15. The factory was turned over to the manufacture of aircraft parts.
16. We manufacture undergarments that tone and slenderize.
17. A special licence is required for the manufacture or handling of any dangerous chemical.
18. The date of manufacture of the jewellery has not been authenticated.
19. The substance is used in the manufacture of cosmetics and drugs, among other things.
20. Oil is used in the manufacture of a number of fabrics.
21. In design and quality of manufacture they were outclassed by the Italians.
22. The amount of recycled glass used in manufacture doubled in five years.
23. Industrial quicklime is commonly used for the manufacture of cement.
24. Rochester will continue to manufacture disk substrates and design the low-end disk drives.
25. Mercedes were pioneers during the early days/years of car manufacture.
26. Visitors were amazed at the achievements in the car manufacture of the city during the past decade.
27. The number of old German cars still on the road attests the excellence of their manufacture.
28. The first item on the agenda was how to cut down the cost in manufacture.
29. Gene tells me that the citizens hold a tulip festival every year and that they also manufacture clogs.
30. In 1890 Castner devised a new process for its manufacture, based on the electrolytic decomposition of caustic soda.
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