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Plausibility in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2017-03-20Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: possibilitysensibilityaccessibilityresponsibilityplausibleimplausiblecredibilityflexibilityMeaning: [‚plɔːzə'bɪlətɪ]  n. apparent validity. 
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1. Beware of the plausibility of salesmen!
2. This new evidence lends plausibility to the theory that she was murdered.
3. Gilling's ability to teeter between fantasy and plausibility recalls Dickens.What he imagines is equal to anything Prospero might have conjured.
4. But plausibility, as Berger emphasized, is almost always under strain.
5. Notice that the principle of contextual plausibility allows legitimacy to expressions which arise in the contrived contexts of the classroom.
6. Their ideas gain plausibility amongst the idle, the envious and the unlettered.
7. Simeon still insisted, against all plausibility, that he would graduate from City as an electrical engineer.
8. An alternative hypothesis, which has considerable intuitive plausibility, needs to be refuted before this assumption can be justified.
9. There is a certain plausibility to this definition.
10. Plausibility depends on the number and type of weapons.
11. Merely promising to cut deficits lacks plausibility.
12. We can add further plausibility to the above argument.
13. You can define specific plausibility checks for the entry of attendances and absences.
14. Dually we can also obtain the relationship among plausibility function, outer measure and upper probability.
15. And it gives plausibility to the henchman who sacrifices his life to take a final shot at James Bond.
16. In Chapter 2 she goes on to test the plausibility of these assumptions.
17. These are the intuitions that give holist and individualist explanations their initial plausibility.
18. In this respect, the basic criterion for normality is not actual occurrence but contextual plausibility.
19. The choice of electricians or estate-agents in the elliptical clause affected the plausibility of its interpretation in the following way.
20. Opponents of this interpretation had to stress the discontinuity of the development in order to undermine the plausibility of evolutionism.
21. This year the tenth anniversary of my first visit seemed to tip the project over the brink into plausibility.
22. Learn to study footnotes for further information and as clues to the scholarship and plausibility of the historian's arguments.
23. Of interest is not so much their dubious factual basis as their plausibility.
24. To assess this type of testimony, the fact-finder must make judgments about the witness's perception, memory, and sincerity[], as well as the inherent plausibility of his narrative.
25. The reader is encouraged to follow up on the research cited and assess the plausibility of linguistic nativism for him or herself: whether language is innate or not is, after all, an empirical issue.
26. They said that no criminal laws had ever been known to prevail against cheek and plausibility such as yours, combined with the power of a long purse .
27. The constructed model is a relational network which has the neurological plausibility and the operational plausibility.
28. To attain the C-Design Assessment for prototypes (see Section 1.2.2), it is necessary that a plausibility check of the prototype be performed on the basis of the design documentation.
29. The C–Design Assessment is usually based on a complete plausibility check of the loads, the rotor blades, the machinery components as well as of the tower and foundation.
30. Let us consider the charges she faces, and the legal plausibility of those charges.
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