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Implausible in a sentence

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Similar words: plausibleimpossibleimplacableimpossiblyvisiblepossiblesensiblefeasibleMeaning: [ɪm'plɔːzəbl]  adj. 1. having a quality that provokes disbelief 2. highly imaginative but unlikely. 
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1. These results might be considered implausible.
2. Margaret found his excuse somewhat implausible.
3. Her explanation is not implausible.
4. This idea is totally implausible.
5. I had to admit it sounded like an implausible excuse.
6. The whole plot of the film is ridiculously implausible.
7. He gave a series of increasingly implausible excuses.
8. It's not entirely implausible that a galaxy could be identical to our own.
9. Yet the very idea was gross and implausible.
10. But the tremendous earthquakes they showed were somewhat implausible.
11. Moreover in many cases it is implausible.
12. This is a possible scenario, but an implausible one.
13. While unlikely, this is not in principle altogether implausible, and so the wrong answer would be reached.
14. While such mentalistic constructions may sound implausible at first sight, they are justified in three ways.
15. But in fact it seems most implausible the ether should do this.
15. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
16. The film has its rough patches: particularly the implausible speed with which Jeanne catches on to something being amiss with Mika.
17. Implausible though it may seem, insurance companies also provide a social service.
18. All three of Kane's categories suffer from implausible assumptions which belong in the realms of racist folklore rather than scientific inquiry.
19. All those animals with implausible names, which will come in so handy for Countdown, making a dash for it.
20. Well, you and other men of science seem to assume two things which I find rather implausible.
21. But it indicates that the idea of allergies affecting the mind - and viceversa - is not implausible.
22. This is a textbook example of how Hollywood undermines its best ideas, by insisting on happy endings, even when they are completely implausible.
23. So despite its popularity and even fashionableness, retributivism remains an implausible justification for our practices of punishment.
24. The film dramatises and elaborates these fears in a knockabout, comic-book style with slightly implausible plot complications.
25. However, I would agree with Searle that this possibility has been rendered rather implausible(, to say the least.
26. He felt that the idea that the human lifespan could continue to increase was biologically implausible.
27. Knowledge of how word meanings combine at the sentence level can rule out grammatically correct, but semantically implausible sentences.
28. Red Rock West is a slow-burn thriller, wry and dry, implausible and quietly confident about itself.
29. Jill says she can earn $50,000 from the job, but this is an implausible figure.
30. Sayre used di-gram and tri-gram statistics to rule out implausible letter string combinations.
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